Below you will find frequently asked questions.

1. Why should I choose My Marketability?

At My Marketability, we focus on two key things: you, and getting you hired. When you choose us, you’re signing up to participate in a comprehensive training program that has a track record of delivering exceptional results for clients.

Our dynamic team of trained coaches and mentors has extensive experience in all aspects of job search and career development. Moreover, they’re recruiters, hiring managers, and leaders who have practical knowledge about what it takes to differentiate yourself as the ideal candidate.

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2. What types of programs and services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of programs that can cater to your needs, help you achieve your career goals and fit your budget as well.

Our first program is the VIP 1-on-1 Coaching Program which is a 1-on-1 customized coaching. This is directed towards giving you the guidance and support you need, especially in terms of discovering what kind of career you really want to pursue and how to achieve it.

Next is the Impressive Interview Coaching Program which is a holistic interview coaching. You will learn how to deliver impressive interviews with compelling answers and efficiently send the message across that you are the ideal candidate to hire.

Another is the Brand Your Content Program which is designed to help you establish yourself as the ideal candidate to hire through your content alone. Professionally brand your content, from your resume to your elevator pitch, and stand out as top talent.

We also have The Ultimate Career Boost Program which is an 8-week live group coaching & training program. You will be getting live calls and Q&As and help you with your career change or job search struggles.

And of course, we also offer The Get Hired Essentials Program is a series of 6 self-guided online courses that gives you an insight as to what you need to have an edge in the job market.

To make sure that you choose the program best suited for you, we’re more than happy to set up a free consultation call. Just fill out this questionnaire and we’ll get back to you to schedule a time.

3. How is the coaching process structured in the 1-on-1 Coaching program?

The one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to address your unique needs and situation. We will personalize our approach based on your goals, and will use our proven framework to help you to discover your essence, define your personal brand, develop your marketing strategy, and prepare you to deliver impressive interviews. During our coaching term, we recommend scheduling your sessions every 2 weeks to keep up your motivation levels and give you enough time to complete your action items. Again, each client situation is unique and your coach can adapt to your specific needs and time requirements to help you achieve your particular goals.

4. What do clients use the one-on-one coaching by the hour for?

Ad- hoc one-on-one coaching is especially helpful for professionals who want to ask specific questions about their job search. This could be related to anything you need support with: from seeking more clarity on your career direction, to preparing for interviews, or getting guidance on personal branding.

Your one-hour sessions will give your coach the opportunity to respond comprehensively to your unique situation.

5. I’m not sure if coaching is right for me, do you offer consultations?

Absolutely! It’s our priority to put your needs first and ensure that you’re investing in the services that will truly help you. To set up a consultation, please fill out this questionnaire. A coach will get back to you shortly to schedule a 15-20 minutes consultation call.

6. Will you guarantee me a job?

Our mandate is to help you succeed in your job search. But, the onus is on you to take action on what you’ve learned and apply it. If you’re not willing to put in any effort, then please do not sign up for our programs. This won’t be for you. There is no magic silver bullet here. If you go through the training as we’ve prescribed and do the work, take the time to learn the valuable lessons, apply and implement them, you will be better prepared to succeed. We wouldn’t have a long list of happy clients and raving fans if our methodology wasn’t working. Our coaching programs will challenge you to think differently, act differently and step out of your comfort zone. Our clients have generated more opportunities, have experienced faster results and have been successful at landing their top jobs working with us. We’ve put a lot of time, energy and effort into developing coaching programs that maximize your results and long-term success. We have made every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our programs and ability to improve your chances of success. However, My Marketability cannot guarantee that by using our training and programs you will get a job.

1. How can I get started?

If you haven’t yet decided on a program that’s right for you, we invite you to visit our PROGRAMS PAGE for a comprehensive breakdown of our services.

When you’re ready to commit, you can purchase the program that fits your needs through that page as well.

2. Who should work with a My Marketability coach?

You should work with a My Marketability coach if you:

  • Want to get an edge over other applicants, and learn proven ways to differentiate your candidacy
  • Need help defining your career vision and what you want in life
  • Have a specific and important opportunity to prepare for, such as an upcoming opportunity with a competitive company
  • Have a unique background that you need help learning how to leverage
  • Have burning questions or concerns that you would like extra support
  • Have been experiencing limited success getting interviews and closing
  • Want to learn how to network effectively or define your personal brand
  • Want to accelerate you personal development so you can achieve differentiate yourself during your job search interview with a competitive company leverage on greater things and reach your goals faster
  • When working with a My Marketability coach, we will uncover your needs and goals, and help you develop a plan to achieve them

3. Who are your typical clients?

We serve clients from all industries, professions, and years of experience. But, since you’re asking, our typical client:

  • Has more than 3+ years of professional work experience
  • Is seeking to make a career change
  • Feels unfulfilled at their current job OR
  • Is unemployed and actively seeking a new opportunity

4. What types of industries do clients come from?

Our clients come from diverse industries. We’ve helped candidates in: financial services, technology, telecom, consulting, consumer packaged goods, web and design agencies, and public sector, to name a few.

5. Do you coach professionals outside of Canada?

Yes, absolutely! Our video-based training program means you can learn anywhere and at anytime. Plus, our coaches can connect with you over phone or video call. We’ve helped clients across Canada and the U.S. land competitive roles in their respective markets.

1. Where do I access the online video-based courses?

When you buy a program, we will follow up with your unique login and password information. You can then use this to access the My Marketability exclusive membership site. Further instructions will be provided upon purchase, where you will have access to all courses all at once.

2. When and where do coaching sessions take place?

If you’re based in the Greater Toronto Area, it is possible to arrange in-person coaching sessions. All in-person coaching sessions are to take place at the Coach’s office (address will be provided). If not, our meetings will take place over Skype, video call, or phone call, based on your personal preference.

3. How do I schedule coaching sessions?

Upon purchase of a program, you will receive a detailed email with information on how to schedule your coaching session. This is applicable for those who purchased a program with 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

4. Can I pick my coach?

Yes, you can pick your coach based on how their experience matches with your unique needs. For more information about our coaches, please visit our Team Bios on our About page.

5. What happens if I don’t use all of my coaching sessions?

If you don’t use your coaching sessions within the coaching term of your program, they will expire. To make the most of your investment, it’s important that you begin to schedule your coaching sessions with your coach soon as you purchase them. Your coach can also provide guidance on frequency of your sessions based on your unique situation.

6.  Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes. All of the information shared with My Marketability, including your account information, personal information, and discussion points during your coaching sessions, is kept completely confidential. Your privacy is our priority. To learn more, please see our Terms & Conditions.

7.  What if I’m not satisfied with the online program – do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We are fully committed to helping you succeed in your job search. If you do the work, and still don’t feel like you’re getting any value, you can contact us through our online form and we will refund your money within 15 days. To be eligible for a refund, we may require that you show us your completed action items from each course. As mentioned our programs are not meant to be consumed without action. We have high levels of standard for your success and want to attract only committed individuals who will take action.

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