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We specialize in helping professionals get hired into competitive jobs at top organizations. Through our proven discovery process, unique training program, and innovative job search techniques, we provide you the support, tools and guidance you need to find a fulfilling career faster. SEE HOW >>



Everything we do is based on YOU. We understand that every client is different. Your story is unique, important and powerful. We always put your goals, needs, and priorities first, and customize your coaching and training to enable your success.


We’ve helped hundreds of professionals in over 20 industries make career changes, receive competitive job offers, and land new opportunities in record time. Work with us and you’ll commit yourself to a standard of excellence that’s proven to generate exceptional results.


We’re not just career coaches. As high achievers ourselves, we’ve learned what it takes to differentiate. But more importantly, we’re passionate about people. With dynamic corporate, recruiting and training experience under our belt, you will benefit from our industry expertise in recruiting and hiring, leadership development, mentoring, and training. We guarantee that no other company can equip you with the practical and comprehensive experience that we offer.


We have a vast, diverse network of recruiters and top professionals in all industries. The results are in. Our clients say that they value us for two key reasons: our vast experience and expertise, and our equally as vast professional network. We can provide you with referrals and endorsements, teach you the power of networking, and give you exclusive access to over 200+ recruiters. Join our community and become a member of our powerful, far-reaching network of top talent.


Modern, relevant, and proven training methods.  As thought leaders in career management and recruiting, we can equip you with best practices, teach you the latest trends and opportunities, and set you up for success.


Today’s job seekers have to face a tougher market than ever before. With constant layoffs, changing trends, and high competition, employers are demanding more from candidates. Within five years, only 20% of the workforce will have the skills necessary to fulfill the requirements of 60% of new jobs created. Translation: there are tremendous opportunities available for those who act right now.

Here’s the bottom line: today’s ideal candidate isn’t only skilled at what they do. They must possess unique skillsets, high potential for advancement, a defined personal brand, and soft transferable skills.

After establishing a career in marketing and consulting, Diana realized that her true passion was helping professionals achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. Having accumulated extensive experience in mentoring and training, she strategically undertook recruiting roles at top companies, including Google. Here, she learned that only about 1% of a candidate pool is actually the top talent that top brands are looking for.

With this in mind, she founded My Marketability and has since helped over 500 clients polish their approach to job search, land competitive roles at top companies, and establish the career of their dreams.

The My Marketability team is here because they recognize that there is a huge need to provide job seekers with the support and tools they need to differentiate as top talent, position themselves as ideal candidates, and land competitive opportunities.


Diana YK Chan
Diana YK ChanFounder,
Principal Career Coach
and Job Search Strategist

If you have a career problem, Diana has a career solution. As our Chief Excellence Officer and Principal Career Coach, she’s mastered the art of career management and job search success. She has a knack for developing people’s unique talents, differentiating them as top talent, and ensuring that they get hired in record time. She’s passionate about empowering people to own their greatness with confidence to shine and succeed.

As a thought leader in the career management space, what Diana does best is helping you achieve the career of your dreams. She’s recruited for top companies in diverse industries, during which time she reviewed over 10,000 resumes and interviewed thousands of candidates. Her unique training methodologies have helped thousands of people change careers, get hired in record time and receive competitive job offers at their target companies.

Inthida Ngeth
Inthida Ngeth Associate Career Coach

As our Associate Career Coach, Inthida has spent the last 10 years masterminding innovative strategies for a top Canadian company, and along the way she realized she had a passion for developing people. Now, she’s here so that you never have to ask: how do I land an awesome promotion? How can I close my next interview? What does it take to be a leader?

From hiring and training top talent to winning awards for leadership excellence, she’s our go-to pro for all things career strategy related. Moreover, she knows what it takes to accelerate your career, nail interviews, and close competitive jobs. She would be thrilled to work with you!

Emma Wain
Emma WainCareer Transitions & Life Coach

Being a graduate of the esteemed CTI Leadership Program and recently achieving her 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner designation allows Emma to effectively guide people into transitioning towards becoming the best versions of themselves. She is your best ally for visioning and creating the life YOU want! Her specialty is Co-Creating with bright, passionate, heart-centred and driven professionals who want to dream and live BIG!

If you’re going through a crisis in terms of your life and career transition, Emma is the right coach to guide you. With an MBA and over 10 years of experience in several Award-Winning Senior Sales and Training roles in the medical device industry, she herself is passionate and driven. Her intuitive, heart-guided approach and innate ability to see others as their best self compliments her loving fierceness and ability to challenge.