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It’s my goal to empower ambitious and hopeful professionals to stand out as the top talent in their industries and become the best leaders they can be. Leveling yourself up and finding confidence may be hard to do, but with the right push, motivation, coaching and empowerment with my help and guidance, you can truly be the best you can be!

I’ve helped thousands of professionals from different parts of the globe, from different industries, and helped them optimize their job searches, become their target companies’ ideal candidates, and maximize their potential to earn more!

In today’s competitive world, getting into your dream company and landing the job you want can be difficult.  However, I will help you stand out from your competition and establish your career! With a long list of successful clients and a variety of programs to choose from, you are sure to receive opportunities you deserve!



Clients always come first and that is what I firmly believe in. How do I incorporate this? By making every session, every strategy based on YOU. Your story is unique, important, and powerful. That is why your goals, your needs and priorities are put first.


Hundreds of professionals – from over 20 different industries – have made career changes, received competitive job offers, and landed new opportunities with the help of 1-on-1 coaching and online training! It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not, I will be there to guide you in making the best decisions on choosing the right career path and generate exceptional results!


Here at MYM, you can be sure that you will receive the best coaching when searching for the right career and landing a fulfilling job as my coaching sessions are inspired from my real experiences. I have journeyed through top corporations, going from Marketing, Operations and Training; worked in management consulting; earned recruiting background at Google and Ivey; and have spoken for and trained a variety of people – from students to C-level professionals. 


With the help of MYM, you not only get the skills you need to thrive in the industry. With my vast, diverse network full of recruiters and professionals from different industries, I will do my best to help open some doors through my introductions and referrals when you’ve done the work!


The training methods you will be learning are modern, relevant, and proven! As a thought leader in career management and recruiting, I can equip you with best practices, teach you the latest trends and opportunities, and set you up for success.


Not getting enough support and encouragement can hinder you from achieving your goals and dreams. That is why it has become my passion to help individuals like you reach your full potential, achieve career fulfillment, and become successful. I find joy in empowering people to own their greatness and get the confidence to shine. Helping people is my life’s purpose and there is nothing that keeps me excited than seeing my clients transform into more confident individuals, gain improved marketability, and thrive in life!



Have you ever struggled to fit in among your peers? Are you feeling lost and feel like your career path isn’t going anywhere? I know exactly how you feel!

As an immigrant from Hong Kong to Canada, I struggled to fit in when I was 16 years old. Years later, however, I was able to land my first corporate job upon university graduation in a Leadership Development New Grad program. It was where I rotated working in various departments to gain diverse skills and experience. 

Eventually, I got into a top management consulting firm after going to MBA school in the talent management field which I wrote my research paper in. All the while, I worked long hours, and I ended up being unhappy about what I was doing. 

Thus, I went on a personal development journey to figure out who I am, what I truly wanted in life, and what I stood for. I then quit consulting and moved into recruiting for one of the top ivy league MBA and executive MBA schools. 

However, I was laid off from working at the ivy league school. This damaged my self-esteem and made me question myself, what was I doing with my life? Why did it feel as if nothing was working out?

This didn’t stop me though, and instead, it gave me the kick I needed to start my own business. 


While I felt lost with my career direction, I also struggled between choosing whether I wanted to be a wedding planner or a career coach. I felt both was equally exciting but I knew I had to choose and be more focused. 

Eventually, I decided to sign up for professional coaching training. After six months, I received my training as a coach with the Coaching Training Institute, one of the world’s most recognized programs. 

Soon, I was hired at Google. This gave me the credibility that I needed, and I learned how to stand out. Soon enough, I created my dream career which was to help people achieve their career fulfillment and land their ideal jobs! 


While I have helped myself and many people into bettering themselves, I continue to invest in personal development trainings through attending live events. These events are also converged by renowned trainers from Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard, The 48 Hour Transformation & Personal Mastery Academy with Robin Sharma, and Living Your Passion with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I believe that to become a better coach, I have to continue learning, strive up to my game, and invest for the betterment of the self!


Authenticity + Connection + Inspiration 
  • Authenticity: One of the best teachers are experiences. This is why my teachings are authentic and relatable because they come from true experiences. When there is relation, learning becomes more meaningful and memorable.
  • Connection: Connection builds stronger relationships and better friendships. I find it important to establish a connection with individuals so that we can trust each other more and make solutions and strategies that are more relevant and effective. I will not just be a coach, I will also be your friend, someone you can trust and feel safe with.
  • Inspiration:  If you ever feel lost and unsure about your career path and your life’s direction, know that you are not alone and I was once like you. Now, I have reached my goals, and I wish to inspire you with my story so that they may become inspired and motivated to reach their own goals.


It is my strength to identify people’s unique strengths and talents, connecting and promoting them, organizing events, and continuously driving for excellence. With these strengths, it is my mission to teach people to learn how to market and sell themselves effectively. 


It is my passion to empower people to strive for excellence and thrive not only in their careers but their lives, as well. I believe that communication and presentations are crucial elements to achieve these which is why part of my passion is to teach these to individuals.


Diana YK Chan is a Career Coach and Speaker who empowers ambitious professionals to own their greatness and stand out as top talent and leaders. Diana has served thousands of professionals from around the globe, representing a diverse range of industries and professions, and helped them differentiate as ideal candidates, optimize their job searches, and maximize their earning potential. 

Since launching My Marketability in 2011, Diana has helped her clients change careers, get multiple job offers, receive huge salary increases, and join top companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, BCG, Deloitte, PwC, TD, Scotiabank, RBC, Credit Suisse, Nestle. to name a few!

Diana is an inspiring speaker, turned to by visionary companies, leading universities, and value-driven professional associations for her ability to educate, empower, enlighten, and above all, EXCITE her audiences. She covers topics including powerful personal branding, effective networking, and creating high-performance and engaging workplaces. Diana leaves her audiences with actionable advice and tangible tactics that enable them to reach beyond excellent, and become, exceptional!

With nearly 15 years’ experience in the career development space, Diana has a diverse background in recruiting, coaching, training, and consulting. Having reviewed 20K+ resumes and conducted thousands of interviews, Diana knows what it takes to brand yourself as a sought-after professional and leader, make meaningful connections, and open new doors to exciting opportunities.

Prior to starting her business, Diana worked as a Recruiter for Google and an MBA Recruitment Manager for Ivey Business School. She was also worked a Consultant with Accenture and TELUS. She holds her MBA from Ivey Business School and is trained as a coach with the Coaching Training Institute (CTI). Diana is also an avid volunteer mentor, supporting Canadian newcomers and new grads as a mentor.

Diana considers herself a “motivational quote maven”, and in her spare time she loves to kick back with a great personal development book, and is always looking for ways to challenge herself, even becoming a 2-time fire-walker. She’s a proud Mom to her two young sons, and wife to Carson.

Connect with her on LinkedIn at


Find inspiration, become a better you, and get direction! 

It would be my honour to help you find your meaningful career and land an amazing job opportunity! But first, I want to get to know you better so I can assess your strengths, what you need, and how you can rise up. 

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