Unsure about your marketability or what your next move should be?

The Pick Diana’s Brain – Am I Marketable (AIM) Assessment will help you gain immediate clarity, confidence and a competitive edge.


The Purpose of the AIM Assessment

The AIM Assessment is meant to serve as what we can call a mini-coaching session for those who may not have the time to commit to a longer-term coaching plan, but still want some guidance to figure out next steps.

With this assessment, you will get instant feedback, advice, or a high-level plan in one session!

You get to pick my brain and figure out how to master your mindset, maximize your marketability, optimize your career, job search or business so that you generate more opportunities.

You can ask me anything about your career situation or feedback on your documents such as your cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile. Or we can take a deeper dive into crafting your professional career story or create a roadmap to make your next big career move.


  1. Focus on a specific topic
  2. Get feedback on certain marketing documents or messages
  3. Ask for an assessment of your skillset or experiences
  4. Ask what type of opportunities can be available to you
  5. Ask for advice on how to transition to a new career or start a business
  6. Ask for feedback on your interview messages and delivery

What You Get Out of the Coaching Session:

  • Pick the brain of a former top Google Recruiter & top Career Coach
  • Instant yet professional feedback on what you NEED to do next
  • Ease up any doubts you may have about your next move
  • Clear out your roadblocks
  • Find out how you can improve your marketing materials 
  • Discover what’s been holding you back
  • Quickly come up with a career strategy and roadmap
  • Optimize your career search or career transition

Who is this for?

  • Job seekers who want quick advice
  • Professionals who want to figure out their next move
  • Business owners (e.g. coaches/consultants) who want advice on how to start their business



  • New Client Offer: Get$250 OFF a 90 min coaching session
  • Your Investment: $500 + tax


Why You Should Take This Assessment!

Assessments are meant to evaluate and give a chance for improvement!

The world of business and employment is vast and ever-changing. Hence, this is an excellent opportunity to enlighten your path and elevate your interviews, career, or business.




Meet Diana YK Chan!

Diana YK Chan is your Career Coach Champion and job search success secret weapon. JobScan named her one of the “Top 15 Job Search Experts to Follow on LinkedIn.”

Diana helps you gain career clarity, confidence and a competitive edge. She founded My Marketability in 2011, where she helps ambitious professionals differentiate as top talent and land amazing job opportunities at top companies like Apple, BCG, Credit Suisse, Google, PwC, RBC etc.

She’s served hundreds of new grads to C-level clients globally, representing a diverse range of industries and professions. 

Diana is an expert at distinguishing people’s unique brand value, mastering their messages and networking with confidence.

With 15 years of diverse experience, Diana worked at Schulich in career advising, Google and Ivey in recruiting, Accenture in management consulting, and TELUS in Marketing, Operations, Training.

She has reviewed 20K+ resumes, done thousands of interviews, and knows what it takes to brand yourself as a sought-after professional, make meaningful connections, and open new doors to exciting opportunities.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.