3 Communication Strategies to Help You Deliver Impressive Interviews

Interviews are your chance to impress potential employers. Moreover, they’re your employer’s chance to get insight into the way that you think, solve problems, and react to tough situations.

Delivering impressive interviews is a sign that you have a clear thought process and articulate communication style, which are two of the top sought after skills on the market.

Here are three communication strategies to help you deliver impressive interviews:

  1. Have a structure for your answers

The best technique you can use to prepare for your interview is to establish a clear structure that you commit to sticking to throughout your interview. For example, an awesome structure is to follow the CAR method, which stands for context, action, and result. The other is focusing on the three key actions you took to do something or your top three achievements, because people think of things in threes. For more information on top interview answer structures, click here and here.

  1. Wrap your experience around to the needs of your potential employer

Ultimately, your message isn’t going to resonate with your ideal employer unless you target it to their unique needs. No matter how similar two companies may seem, they face very different challenges. Your goal is to communicate how you can uniquely respond to and mitigate these challenges. Before you go into your interview for your dream job, see if you can attend an informational interview with someone in your network who works with the company. You can also attend one of the company’s info sessions and talk directly with recruiters and hiring managers.

  1. Breathe, pause, or take a sip of water before launching into your answer.

I can’t stress enough how important this is. A huge problem that I see candidates make is that they launch into their answers before taking a moment to think about what they’re saying. This can cause them to ramble because their thoughts are disorganized. Instead of falling into this trap, actively try to take a moment to collect yourself after each question you get asked that surprises you. Pause and say a quick ‘that’s a great question!’ before responding.

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