Your resume is one of the most important documents you’ll ever write. Your career depends on it. But, how can you make it stand out?

My top tip is to think of your resume as a marketing document, not a history document. It’s not just a list of your experience in chronological order, it’s a tool that you can use to pitch your expertise to potential employers.

Here are three smart tips for all-star resume writing:

  1. Make your resume employer focused

Making your resume employer focused is all about assessing what’s most important to your hiring manager and how you can uniquely mitigate these challenges. An ideal candidate is able to connect the dots between their target company’s needs and their experience. When you write your resume, make sure to target it based on the job posting provided for the role. See if you can talk directly to the hiring manager or recruiter to get personalized insights on the top problems the company is facing.

  1. Don’t include an objective statement

An objective statement is a brief sentence about what you want to get out of your target role. Can you see how this isn’t employer focused? Instead, include a 2-3 sentence personal branding statement that reflects your top 2-3 selling points. This will demonstrate the value you provide as opposed to the value you want to get out of your target position.

  1. Include quantifiable results to demonstrate your value

Quantifiable results are results that you can talk about using numbers. Examples of these include times when you’ve saved a company money or time. Others include the amount of impressions or sales figures your campaign generated. Recruiters typically spend about six seconds scanning a resume. Catch their attention with numbers that quantify the scope of your past roles.

Do you have any questions about creating an all-star resume? Let me know in the comments section!