3 Ways to Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is an amazing platform that you can leverage to build your online brand, get noticed for new opportunities, and cultivate your network. In other words: it can be the difference between landing an amazing new role and being stuck in the job search for months.

But, I notice that not many people know how to leverage their LinkedIn profiles. They aren’t aware of powerful, simple strategies they could use to build their online brands. They don’t take advantage of the completely free advertising space that’s available to them.

If you think you might be one of these people, check out my three key strategies to help you build a powerful online brand through your LinkedIn profile:

1. Customize your profile URL.

This takes less than 30 seconds and it’s an amazing way to build your brand through your LinkedIn profile. When you customize your URL and simplify it down to just your name, you’re able to put it on your resume, cover letter, business cards, and social media profiles. The more you advertise this link, the more people will see it. The more people see it, the higher your band visibility will be online. The goal is to drive traffic to your profile, and it’s going to be tough to do this when your LinkedIn profile URL isn’t easily searchable. Click here to find out how you can personalize your URL today!

2. Ask for recommendations and endorsements.

A huge part of how recruiters judge your profile will be based on what other people have said about you through recommendations and endorsements on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations are brief statements about your performance from people who you trust. Endorsements happen when your connections believe that you have a skill that you’ve put on your profile and so they click the ‘endorse’ button. The more recommendations and endorsements you have, the more trustworthy and credible you’ll seem as a candidate. Remember when I said that you should aim to make your profile as easy as possible to say ‘yes’ to? This is an amazing way to do that! Better yet, LinkedIn as a built-in tool that allows you to ask for recommendations from your connections. When you do this, include a brief outline of what you want this person to say about you so that you can ensure your profile advertises what you want it to.

3. Keyword optimize your summary, tagline, and professional experience.

These are all prime real estate for you to include functional keywords that will convey your brand and get you found during searches. Functional keywords are searchable terms such as ‘campaign development’, ‘SEO’, ‘Google AdWords’, and ‘Business Case Analysis’ that recruiters will use to source new talent. The higher the keyword density in your profile, the easier it will be for you to get found. I recommend targeting your profile by narrowing down on 3-5 keywords to focus on. Repeat these more often than others to increase your position in the search results for these terms.

Do you have any questions about building a powerful LinkedIn profile? Any tips to add to these? Let me know in the comments section!


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