4 Mistakes You Can Never Make When Messaging Recruiters on LinkedIn

Recruiters can be your gateway into your target organization and industry. But, a lot goes into building a good enough relationship with a recruiter that they reach out to you for new opportunities.

Remember, recruiters are very busy people. They’re typically scanning thousands of candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to find their top ten candidates. They don’t have time to have an informational interview with you, so it’s very important that you be strategic about how you reach out to them.

Here are the four mistakes you can never make when reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn:

  1. Asking point blank for a job

Too many candidates make this mistake on LinkedIn. Here’s the reality: recruiters don’t exist to help you find a job. They’re there to help the employers who contract them find top talent. So, the most you can do is put yourself on their radar because they can’t get you a job whenever you ask for it. Moreover, they’re not career coaches and likely won’t be willing to provide you with tips on your resume, cover letter, or job search strategy.

  1. Sending a template message to hundreds of recruiters

We can tell when you send a template message. It’s impersonal, it doesn’t take into account each recruiter’s specialty, and it’s usually a blatant ask for a job. Don’t do this. Instead, take the time to research recruiters in your target industry. Then, reach out to them individually on LinkedIn. Acknowledge their success in their career before you ask for anything.

  1. Failing to outline why you’re a top candidate

You can’t just ask for a job and refer your recruiter to your LinkedIn profile for more information. They typically scan thousands of candidates’ profiles, and they don’t have time to connect the dots between your experience and their positions. Make it clear for them by including a clear and brief description of your top three strengths in your outreach message. Keep all of your messages under 150 words and use bullet points to make sure it can be easily scanned.

  1. Not being specific about what you’re looking for

A recruiter can’t help you if you don’t know how you want to be helped. Before you even reach the stage of conducting outreach to recruiters, make sure that you know exactly what you’re looking for and why. This way, you’ll be able to provide strong answers if they call you up for a phone screen.

Do you have any questions about reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments section!

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