4 Ways to Convey a Compelling Value Proposition

Your value proposition isn’t just your elevator pitch – it’s what you stand for, how people perceive you, and what your personal brand conveys.

I recently had an amazing interview with management consultant turned entrepreneur Lucas Chang. He gave me the inside scoop on how you can create an impactful value proposition to generate new opportunities. He went through the challenge of making a drastic career transition, and he’s here to help you get clear on how you can maximize the outcome of your networking opportunities. 

Here are his four tips to help you create a remarkable value proposition:
1. Focus on the benefits you can provide as opposed to the features of your past experience.

It’s great that you were a director at a top telecommunications organization, but what does that mean? What’s so great about your 15 years of people management experience and how can it help the person you’re conveying your value proposition to?

Key message: reposition your proposition to focus on how you can apply your experience to help others as opposed to focusing on the nuts and bolts of your expertise. This will help you grab attention and generate genuine interest.

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2. Create a personal branding statement.

Your personal branding statement is a short, 2-3 sentence answer to the question: “What value do you provide?” If you don’t have one, chances are you’ll be giving long-winded, rambling speeches each time someone asks you what you do. I challenge you to create a laser-focused statement that will take your value proposition to the next level! If you’re having trouble with this, show me what you have so far in the comments section and I’ll give you feedback.

3. Cater your message to the people you’re talking to.

When you’re networking, try to think of your value proposition in terms of what you can do based on what your networking partner wants. By listening closely to what they say about the challenges they’re facing, you’ll be able to add value by better targeting your message to their needs.

4. Convey your passion.

It’s so important that you convey your message with passion if your goal is to make connections that help you discover new opportunities. If you say your value proposition in a monotone, bored voice, you’re not going to generate any leads or find business partners. Even if you’re nervous, remember what you’re saying and get excited about your message. You are high potential talent with a remarkable future – don’t undersell yourself!

Want to hear more about how to generate leads and get your first client? Check out my full interview with Lucas below and let me know what you think in the comments section!

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