5 Key Attributes of Top-Rated Employers

To thrive in your career, you must enjoy where you’re working. When your personality and skill sets fit with the company culture you’re targeting, magic happens. If they don’t, you may find that your productivity is drained, you’re experiencing a lack of motivation, or you’re simply not happy.

I always recommend doing your due diligence before you accept a new opportunity, and websites like Glassdoor.com are amazing ways to do that. This site can give you the inside scoop about top-rated employers directly from the mouths of employees currently working there. Sounds great, right?

Before you head over to check it out, here are some results from a recent study conducted by Software Advice, an HR technology research company, on the key attributes that all top-rated employers share:

1. They are small and new.

It’s a resounding conclusion that the most satisfied employees work at start-up and growth-phase businesses that have been founded within the last 10 years. Moreover, these top-rated employers have less than 500 employees. Translation: these companies pack a major punch when it comes to exceptional corporate culture and ability to allow employees to innovate. In fact, over 47% of Gen Y’s choose to work at small companies at the start of their career because of the immense opportunities for growth.

Are you a millennial seeking to get recruited into a fledgling organization? Glassdoor.com is the resource for you! These top-rated companies all share a desire to recruit young talent to drive growth.

2. They are more likely to be in the business services or information technology industries.

It’s no secret that these two industries are booming right now, which means that you could be making an amazing career move by applying to them. An overwhelming 81% of top-rated companies operate in these industries as they’re the most conducive spaces to successful start-ups.

3. They’re most likely to be located in Silicon Valley.

Although areas like New York and Washington state are gradually expanding their start-up frontiers, Silicon Valley undoubtedly dominates the market. As the birthplace of hip, fast-paced, innovative companies like Apple and Facebook, California can be an amazing place to target your job search if you’re seeking the thrill of a growth-phase organization.

4. They have the best company cultures and professional development opportunities.

An engaged employee is a satisfied one, which is why you can bet that top-rated companies are the most likely to provide outstanding bonuses to their workers. This can come in the form of professional development opportunities, training programs, and mentorship. More often, it’s the result of a unique sense of camaraderie that stems from working in a dynamic environment towards a challenging shared goal. Here’s a full breakdown of the key characteristics of top-rated companies:


5. Their employees are most impacted by growing pains, high pressure, and long work hours.

A start-up organization is very different from an established corporation. One of the most common challenges: growing pains. These are the gaps in efficiency and effectiveness that happen when a company’s growth is outpacing its ability to source the right talent. This can lead to long work hours, poorly defined job descriptions, and high pressure to succeed despite not necessarily having the right skills. It’s a whirlwind environment, that’s for sure, but an overwhelming 34% of employees stated that they would change nothing about their top-rated employers

Want to learn more? Check out the full report here!

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