Are you a business owner or manager looking to hire for your business? Do you have a bootstrap budget and want to give recruiting on your own a shot?

I recently had the honour of delivering a presentation to business owners and start-up entrepreneurs on “Finding and Hiring Strong Talent” at Startup Drinks in Markham. Typically, I’m asked to speak about topics related to job search, personal branding and networking. I’ve recruited hundreds of top candidates in my career and it was so refreshing to speak on this great topic!

Many people don’t know that I’ve been involved with recruiting since 1999! My first recruiting job was at The Building Box where I recruited for frontline retail employees. During my university years, I recruited for hundreds of volunteers to be an Orientation Leader or Peer Mentor. I’ve also done campus recruiting during my times at TELUS and Accenture.

I started my full-time recruiting career in 2009, where I moved into a Recruitment Admissions Manager role at Ivey recruiting high calibre candidates for both the MBA and Executive MBA programs. In 2011, I joined Google Canada as their first and only Sales Recruiter where I doubled their office size to over 100 people in a year and achieved the highest number of hires globally.

During the past few years, I’ve worked at fishRecruit agency recruiting for a variety of roles for start-ups to big corporations. Finally, in my own business, I have hired dozens of interns and freelancers. Needless to say, I have gained valuable recruiting experience of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve screened over 10,000 resumes and conducted thousands of interviews. I understand what employers and recruiters are looking for!

Interested in recruiting top talent for your organization? Check out my top 5 steps to help you find and hire strong talent, plus a FREE detailed SlideShare presentation for your use:

  1. Define your needs and wants. What exactly are you looking for? Until you know the bits and bolts of what the role you’re hiring for requires, you won’t be able to find the talent you need to take your organization to the next level.
  2. Offer compelling reasons to join. A lot of managers forget that a huge piece of recruiting is selling the opportunity to the talent. Chances are that if you’ve found an ambitious, hard working candidate with a dynamic skill set, other organizations will be interested in them as well. Trump the competition by making sure that you make the opportunity you offer easy to say yes to.
  3. Identify your sources of talent. Where will you be submitting your job posting? Who will you be reaching out to to help you find the best talent? Create a comprehensive recruitment plan to help you map out your next steps.
  4. Create a great candidate experience. No one wants to work for a company that they had a bad experience with. Whether their interviewer was unresponsive or they felt uncomfortable during meetings with you or other leaders, a bad experience can mean a rejected offer. Foster an amazing candidate experience by being responsive, attentive, and compassionate in your efforts.
  5. Develop your search strings and outreach messages. The key to finding top talent, especially on networks like LinkedIn, is to develop specific and targeted search strings that lead you to the professionals you’re looking for. I also recommend creating template outreach messages so that you don’t have to continually rewrite the same thing.

Want to learn more? Awesome! Check out the full SlideShare presentation below:

I would love to hear from you! What are your biggest recruiting or hiring challenges? What questions do you have that I can help answer in my blog?