5 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile & Get Found by Recruiters

As a job seeker, LinkedIn can become one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. It’s the world’s largest database of professionals. It can be used for research, outreach, and connecting.

But, you’ll only be able to truly leverage it if you use it correctly. My top recommendations to use LinkedIn in your job search are to be proactive and professional. Improve your online visibility and let opportunities come to you!

Here are five ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to get found by recruiters:

  1. Update your settings to your target industry and location

When recruiters search for new talent on LinkedIn, they tend to filter their searches by industry and location. To make sure you show up in these searches, update your industry and location to your targets. So, if you’re aiming to get into Financial Services in Toronto, make sure that your LinkedIn profile settings reflect this.

  1. Create a keyword optimized tagline

Your tagline is prime real estate for promoting your brand, professional identity, and core skills. It should not simply be your current position title and organization. To learn more about updating your tagline, check out my step-by-step guide here.

  1. Update your summary with your top three strengths

Your summary is another great place to help set the tone of your profile. It’s one of the first things people will see when they come across your LinkedIn, so it’s important that it’s clear, concise, and compelling. I recommend emphasizing your top three strengths and ensuring that your summary is keyword optimized. To learn more, check out this article.

  1. Share status updates to improve visibility

LinkedIn is an amazing way to improve your online visibility. It’s estimated that 10 likes on one of your updates can generate up to 2000 impressions. That’s fantastic! To make sure you’re taking advantage of this potential, share articles that are both interesting and relevant to your profession. This will add value to your network and establish you as an expert.

  1. Write articles to increase credibility

LinkedIn has a built-in blog platform that you can leverage in your job search. Use it to create short articles that share your opinion on industry trends or developments. That way, when recruiters come to your profile, they’re able to see right away that you’re an ideal candidate with a genuine passion for your target industry.

Do you have any questions about getting found on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments section!

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