6 Must-Dos If You’re Considering a Career Transition

Are you unsatisfied with your industry or organization? Do you want a fresh, new, exciting opportunity to sink your teeth into? If you’re considering a career transition, you’ve come to the right place!

I get a lot of questions from clients who are looking to make career transitions. It’s an important topic because it can be such a major step in a career. If you make one, it will completely change the course of your life, and, if I’m being totally honest, it can be really tough.

But, you have to work hard to get what you want. Don’t let your hesitation get in the way of achieving your dreams and making an impact!

Here are 6 things that you must do before you get started on your career transition:

1. Take stock of what you’ve accomplished.

The only thing more important than where you want to go is what you’ve already done. By taking stock of your accomplishments, you’re taking the time to recognize your own abilities. You are ready to make a career transition, and realizing all that you’ve achieved already will help you do away with the hesitation, the question of whether or not you’re good enough, and the fear of rejection. You deserve the career of your dreams!

2. Identify important connections in your network.

Think about people in your network who are either in your target industry or employed at your dream organization. Could you become closer with them? Could they champion you by giving you a stellar referral? Getting clear on how you can leverage your network will help you as you plan where you want to go from here.

3. Write out your short-term and long-term goals.

What do you want to achieve in the next 2-3 years? What about the next 10? Just because you’re unhappy in your current organization doesn’t mean that a career transition will fix your frustrations or challenges. Take the time to make sure that a transition is what you want and that it will help you achieve your objectives. What would you hope to achieve in your new industry? How do you see your career progressing? What skills do you want to use and develop? I suggest having comprehensive answers to all of these before you set out to make a career transition.

4. Research relevant trends.

Market trends should always play a role in your career-related decisions. If you’re unsure about what the future may hold for your industry, take the time to find out. Your industry’s future is your future, and you want it to be a bright one!

5. Identify a list of people to connect with.

When you’re clear on the industry and organization that you want to transition into, log onto your LinkedIn profile and do your research. See if you can find who I call the influencers and the connectors. The influencers make the hiring decisions at the organizations that you’re interested in, while the connectors are people who can can connect you to other important professionals.

You should also be actively looking at the profiles of other professionals in your industry. If you find someone who is a high performer who you think you can learn from, connect with them! In your outreach email, outline what you admire about their career and why you aspire to be like them. These people could go on to become your mentors or champions – people who can advertise your skills to key players in your industry so that you can get hired faster.

6. Update your job search tools.

Set aside a few hours to update your LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter. Different industries have different preferences and trends for this content, and it’s important that you target your job search tools so that they fit with the industry you’re transitioning into.

Are you considering a career transition? What kinds of challenges are you facing? Tell me about them in the comments section!

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