How to Accelerate Your Career Part 2

I recently hosted an amazing group of industry experts at my Panel & Speed Mentoring event. The advice and tips that the audience received were so valuable that I decided to put some of them together into a series of blog posts. The first post was from top performers and corporate veterans on how to get promoted faster, stand out as a top performer, leverage social media, and get hired as a new graduate.

In this post, a group of recruiters and entrepreneurs will give you their top tips on how to stand out, become an entrepreneur, live your passion, and work with recruiters to land your dream job. Here we go!

1. How can you make sure that a company knows the value you bring?

“The answer to this is to make sure that you convey your personal brand. Branding is everything. If you just put out a resume and hope that the employer will see your fit with their organization, you’re taking a huge risk. Make sure that you cater your resume so that your most relevant strengths and experience is highlighted. Connect the dots for them so that they can see why they should interview, especially if that means connecting with the hiring manager in person or over the phone.” – Chivon John, Communications Specialist at Rogers Communications and Wellness Coach at CJ Media Group

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“Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, remember that people want to do business with people who they know and trust. The employer will see countless of faceless pieces of paper before they get to your resume – they may not care to give you the time of day, so make them. Build rapport with people in your target organization so that you have meaningful connections that you can draw on.”– Melyssa Moniz, Business and Life Mentor at

2. When did you realize that you wanted to do your own thing instead of working in corporate?

“More and more, I realized that every morning I was fighting an uphill battle with my motivations. I worked for a great, top tier company in a comfortable position and I really did enjoy the culture. But, it was still a chore for me to do my job. Finally, the cost began to outweigh the benefits and I decided it was time to branch out.” – Lucas Chang, MBA, Business Consultant and Coach at KnL interCHANG Business Consulting

“I started my business after I was laid off. I had been doing a lot of the components of my business while I was still in corporate, but what held me back from creating it officially was the fear of putting a name on it, of putting myself out there. I gradually began realizing that I wasn’t passionate about my corporate work, and then I was laid off. I took the time to examine my goals and decided that what would fulfill me most was to create my own business.” – Chivon John, Communications Specialist at Rogers Communications and Wellness Coach at CJ Media Group

3. How can you manage the beliefs that may hold you back from going against the grain?

“Learn to let your fear sit on your shoulder and push you forward instead of hold you back. Know that your mission, your goal, is more important than your limiting beliefs. Your biggest source of inspiration should be yourself. Look at yourself right now and you should be able to think “I can do this!”” – – Chivon John, Communications Specialist at Rogers Communications and Wellness Coach at CJ Media Group

4. How can you discover your passion and turn it into a profitable career?

“I’m a Business and Life Coach and author of three books, but I started in financial advising at TD Bank. I loved my job at TD – it was comfortable, and I was very passionate about helping my clients overcome their financial problems. But, after a time, I realized that I wasn’t passionate about financial portfolios. I also realized that the top of my career at TD would be as the CEO. When I reflected on this, I knew that I didn’t want to be the CEO – it wasn’t inspiring to me. What inspired me was being able to take people’s problems and make a solution, so I became a coach! If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, think back to projects or jobs you’ve done that you’ve truly enjoyed. Ask yourself what it was about them that made you so excited to tackle them. Then you’ll have a better sense of what you want in your life moving forward.” – Melyssa Moniz, Business and Life Mentor at

5. How can I maximize my time with a recruiter?

“It’s good to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, recruiters work for corporations. They go headhunting and researching in the market to find top talent for their clients. The best advice I can give is to reach out to all the recruiters you can, because they can all act as gateways into your dream jobs. If they don’t get back to you, they probably don’t have the time or your background doesn’t match what their clients are looking for. If they do, you could be in luck!” – Laura McLennan, Co-Founder & Partner at FishRecruit

“A great way to target your search when you’re looking for a recruiter is to find ones that do what you do. If they’re recruiting for marketing roles and you’re a marketer, then that’s a great fit and you should pursue it.” – James Kemble, Co-Founder & Partner at FishRecruit

Thank you to the incredible panelists who came to share their insights and mentor the participants! Stay tuned for more of my events where you can learn how to take your career to the next level and differentiate as top talent!

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