20 Agency Recruiters to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most interesting social networking platforms we will ever see in the digital age. Micro-blogging platforms allow us to express our passions, interests, and hobbies in a way that is quick and easy for your feed-viewers to understand. Twitter can not only allow you to promote your personal brand, but it can give you the ability to network with potential employers and mentors. Here are 20 Canadian agency recruiters that you should follow on Twitter for your job search because of the available job opportunities that they share and for their insightful career advice!

1) @Hr_VirtualGirl

2) @isRecruitingU

3) @MelBenwell

4) @DarrylRMSG

5) @Tanyarecruits

6) @anthonytynguyen

7) @TOrecruiter

8) @theSAPrecruiter

9) @wcoleman_corp

10) @MarnyBarnes

11) @Paul_Head2Head

12) @GlennSwan911

13) @akiki

14) @StefanieHanz

15) @salderson

16) @DaveBanns

17) @martinhauck_ca

18) @ChangLmc

19) @NicoleDarlaston

20) @dpeever

BONUS: Follow me @mymarketability where I share job search and career management tips! I’m also a Recruiter @fishRecruit

Share with me who are some of your favourite agency recruiters that you follow!

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