5 Career Blogs You Should Follow

The Internet is a vast and wonderful place full of useful resources to help you with your job search. However, it can be difficult to find career blogs that are the right fit for you. Maybe I can help you a little bit! These are my five favourite career blogs; they all have a unique edge and serve different purposes. Check out their websites and follow them on Twitter! Let me know what other career blogs you like to follow.

1) Business Insider – Careers

Business Insider is an online news source that provides business analysis and trending stories in tech, finance, politics, entertainment, and other popular media. The Careers section provides advice from a multitude of authors and experts from various industries. Because of the diverse backgrounds of the writers, sometimes opinions put out in articles can conflict with other shared posts, which creates an unbiased setting for career discussion. Business Insider Careers publishes dozens of new posts every day, so you will never run out of content to read!

2) Careerealism

Careerealism’s tag line says it all: “because every job is temporary.” In recent years it has become very normal to bounce around from job-to-job every few years, and this blog accommodates job seekers from all different skill levels. Careerealism writes on all different parts of the job search experience––from building a personal brand, to networking, to interviewing, to personal development. Check out their YouTube Channel, Careerealism TV!

3) The Muse

Formally known as The Daily Muse, this blog has given itself a new and exciting facelift. The Muse now provides information on exciting companies of different sizes, available jobs, online lessons, and an entire blog full of career advice. Whether you are an employee or an employer, this blog will have plenty advice for any point of your career.

4) Come Recommended’s HR & Career Blog and PR Blog

Come Recommended is a PR and job search firm founded by renowned career expert, Heather Huhman. The website has two different blogs with differing content for you to explore. Huhman’s team of writers share unique experiences that are written casually yet deliver strong, helpful  messages for job search and public relations struggles.

5) The Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter will immediately catch your attention because of its bright colour scheme, and will maintain your attention with its wide array of infographics (for the visual learner!). The use of the inforgraphic is a compelling way to deliver content, and The Undercover Recruiter seems to be doing it right! For those who prefer the traditional text blog, The Undercover Recruiter has plenty of those too. This blog can provide great insight for job seekers that are new to working with recruiters, as well as general career advice. 

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