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4 Strategies to Overcome the Fear of Making a Career Transition

Career transitions can be stressful, nerve-wracking, and, at times, painful. They come with their own baggage of anxiety and the fear that you may not succeed after all your effort.

I recently hosted a Q&A with entrepreneurs […]

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How to Know If You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur

I recently hosted an amazing Q&A session with entrepreneurs who shared the inside scoop on how they made the career transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. One of my top questions for them: how do you know if you’re ready to […]

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How to Structure an Incredible Presentation


Many people struggle with creating compelling presentations that will inspire their audiences. When I present, I follow a simple structure that I’m going to share with you today. Here’s a key thought for you to keep in mind: the simpler, the […]

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6 Ways to Accelerate Your Career in the Workplace

You just got hired into a new role. You’re now working to adjust to the new faces, processes, projects, and culture… it’s a lot to handle! This new environment has a steep learning curve that’s tough to adapt to, but […]

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4 Ways to Get That Promotion Faster


There are few people in the working world who don’t want a promotion. But, not many people understand what must be done to make them the first person their manager thinks of when a new opportunity arises. Here are 4 […]

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3 Tips for New Graduates Looking to Kick-Start Their Career

When you are making your career plan, you may feel some anxiety over how to choose your first job after graduation. Am I making the right decision? Am I in the right industry? What if I change my mind later […]

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