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[Webinar] How to Differentiate as a Top Candidate in Sales

Taking time to strategize how to stand out from your competition is important in today’s competitive job market. Having a strong personal brand is essential as you can apply the essence of who you are and your unique value consistently across your resume, […]

5 Critical Online Personal Branding Strategies

Online tools and social media platforms are amazing ways to set yourself apart brand-wise and there’s no better time than now to learn the skill of online personal branding. Not only are they easy to edit, change, and adapt, they […]

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4 Must-Dos to Develop a Great Reputation

I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how to create a great reputation that will make top companies look at you as a commodity.

But, I’m also going to take a unique angle to this topic.

What my advice comes […]

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Book Review – Promote Yourself: The New Rules of Career Success

There is an art to promoting your brand. Effective self-promotion can be the difference between getting the job of your dreams and settling for less than the best.

I recently picked up Dan Schawbel’s newest book, Promote Yourself: The New Rules […]

How to Develop Your Personal Brand With 4 Powerful Questions

When you were a kid, you probably asked a lot of questions. I’m betting that most of these started with the word ‘why’. When you weren’t asking them to annoy your parents, you were likely just trying to do your best to understand the […]

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3 Ways to Get Crystal Clear on Your Personal Brand

The advice that I always give my clients that has helped them secure interviews, new connections, and job offers can be condensed down to one simple sentence: get crystal clear on your message. This means understanding who you are, what […]

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3 Ways to Cultivate a Good Reputation

Though you may have a stable job, you should always be looking to the future. You never know when an opportunity might arise, so it’s important that you are always on your game and ready to do what it takes […]

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What to Do, Say, and Write to Differentiate


You’re clear on your brand. You know exactly what you want. You’re standing across the room from the President of your dream company and you just need to take the plunge and show him all that you have to offer. […]

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How Not To Self-Promote

If you want to get ahead in life, you have to be able to promote yourself effectively. You can try to rely on referrals from others, but the person who knows how to market your abilities and value best is […]

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