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4 Ways to Take Your Resume to the Next Level

I was recently interviewed by CareerCloud radio and I shared my top tips and key messages on how to succeed in the job search. I went over so much content that I decided to write a blog post to summarize how you […]


8 Must-Have Resume Alternatives

A traditional resume is simply an accurate description of your past experiences in chronological order. With social media usage rapidly increasing, new and exciting alternatives to this standard document have popped up, and they can help you gain a competitive […]


How Not to Write Your Resume

Your resume is your key into a company.  But, how do you stand out using just a piece of paper?

This is a question that many of my clients ask me, and the answer isn’t actually that complicated. It isn’t even […]


Why 90% of Resumes Get Rejected and How to Fix It

Studies show that employers reject nearly 90% of resumes they see. Having screened over 10,000 resumes, I would say that less than 1% truly stand out for a Recruiter to call for an interview. This is because not many people […]