Your elevator pitch is your opportunity to sell your experience, unique value offering, and skill sets so that you can land new opportunities faster. It’s also versatile – you can use it while networking, during an informational interview, and as your go to answer to the classic ‘tell me about yourself’ interview question.

Here are my top tips for structuring an amazing elevator pitch that will leave a lasting impression:

1. Outline your purpose, passion, and potential.

I call these the 3 P’s of powerful pitching. An elevator pitch is like any sales pitch, so you should always open with a hook that will grab attention. A great way to do this is to state your passion. People can feel when you’re passionate about something and this will help engage them and make them believe your message. A great hook could be:

I’m a resourceful and strategic marketer with a passion for creating innovative mobile marketing solutions that maximize commercial results. 

After this, briefly outline your purpose for pitching. My top tip: use keywords that are relevant to your industry. In the example above, the keywords would be ‘mobile marketing’ and ‘marketer’. These attention-grabbing phrases will make sure you and the person you’re pitching to are on the same page.

2. Share your past experience.

Whether you’re aiming for a 30-second or 2-minute elevator pitch, I would recommend including at least three key accomplishments that demonstrate the impact you’ve made in your past career. Make sure to focus on the results as opposed to just what you did. Results are quantifiable pieces of data that help showcase instances where you’ve saved a company money, increased efficiency, or surpassed sales targets. More importantly, they help people understand how you can add value.

3. Share your present situation.

Use this section to comment on where you are in your career and what your next steps are. I recommend focusing on why the role you’re interviewing for fits with your overall career goals. This will help interviewers put together dots and understand your motivations behind submitting your application.

4. End with a compelling close.

This is a brief, 1-2 sentence statement that reiterates the top three reasons why you would be the best candidate for a role. Use this summary to end your pitch powerfully and memorably by asking for the interview or job you’re aiming for. A simple: “I would be delighted to join (company name) as a (position title)” will help interviewers feel your passion for the role.

Is there a structure you follow when pitching? Do you have any other questions about elevator pitches? Let me know in the comments section!