How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an amazing resource that can connect you to recruiters who can help you find new opportunities. Even though recruiters regularly go through thousands of LinkedIn profiles, they won’t necessarily reach out to you unless they’re sure you’re a top candidate.

To make sure you’re visible to them, I recommend connecting to recruiters directly because they sometimes search through their own networks first to find candidates. But, how do you find them? Luckily, LinkedIn’s advanced search tool makes it easy!¬†Here are four tips to help you find recruiters:

1. Use keywords.

Not all recruiters recruit for everything. This means that if you connect to a sales/marketing recruiter and you’re in finance, they won’t be able to help you. You can easily target your search by typing in keywords like ‘recruiter’, ‘recruiting’, ‘recruitment specialist’, ‘recruiting manager’, and ‘talent acquisition’ combined with ‘sales’, ‘marketing’, ‘digital marketing’, etc. You can separate these keywords with commas. The more specific you get with keywords, the more likely it is that you’ll find a recruiter who can help you.

2. Sort by location.

This is something that’s easily overlooked but very important. If a recruiter is located in Toronto, then most of their positions are likely for Toronto-based companies. Narrowing down your search this way will ensure that you don’t mistakenly connect with a recruiter who isn’t in your area.

3. Sort by companies.

If you have a list of target companies, now is the time to leverage that. Many large organizations have corporate recruiters who are on LinkedIn and will be able to tell you more about a specific company’s hiring process. When you reach out to them, emphasize your interest in the company and ask for a brief, 15-30 minute informational interview over the phone so that you can get their advice.

4. Search for relevant groups.

Just like all professionals, recruiters have groups that they join on LinkedIn. When you find them, you’ll have access to hundreds of recruiters. A good example of this is the Canadian Recruiters Group,¬†where you can find over 1000 recruiters! Another great resource is The Recruiter Network, the #1 LinkedIn group for recruiters.

Do you have any questions about reaching out to recruiters online? Let me know in the comments section!

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