How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Tagline (Headline)

Having scanned thousands of LinkedIn profiles to find top talent, I can confidently say that a person’s LinkedIn professional headline (tagline) is one of the most important yet overlooked parts of their profile. Your tagline is one of the first things that a Recruiter will see when they are searching for candidates. Your goal is to create a catchy tagline that gets people to click further to read your LinkedIn profile. This is why it’s so important to make it compelling as it can spark curiosity and lead to new opportunities! Think of a newspaper headline statement, what would get one’s attention to reach further?

By default, your LinkedIn headline is your current job title. If yours is currently like this, it means that you’re not really taking advantage of this prime real estate.

Though your Linkedin headline doesn’t have to include your job title, it should reflect your area of expertise and the value that you bring. There are two parts to a compelling tagline: the keywords, and the value proposition.

The Keywords

Keywords are relevant buzzwords that a Recruiter will search for when seeking matches for a position on LinkedIn. This means that you’re going to want to include relevant keywords that match the industry or functional area that you’re in.

Because your space is limited to a maximum of 120 characters, I recommend keeping the amount of keywords down to 3. This leaves space for the value proposition piece.

For example, if you are in marketing, some keywords that you could consider are:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Promotions
  • Copy-Writing
  • Campaign Management

Action Item: Think about what keywords a Recruiter would use to search for talent in your profession. Check out the LinkedIn profiles of other professionals in similar positions and pay attention to the words they use in their ‘Skills’ sections.

The Value Proposition

This is an important part of your LinkedIn tagline because it advertises what you’re trained in and summarizes the experience you have. The key to mastering this section is to be concise. For example, if you have a Project Management Certificate, your value proposition could be that you are a ‘Project Management Expert’. An alternative to using an ‘expert’ title is to incorporate the results you can create with the expertise you have. Some more examples:

  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Improves Operational Efficiencies
  • Management Consultant
  • Increases Sales & Profitability
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Empowers people to reach their full potential
  • Consumer Marketing Expert

For those of you who are still students, you may not have the experience you need to call yourself an ‘expert’, and that’s okay! To make sure that you still show up in keyword searches, add the phrases ‘aspiring’, ‘ with a passion for’, or ‘passionate about’. For example:

  • Aspiring Digital Marketer
  • Passionate about Copy-Writing and Editing
  • With a Passion for Consumer Marketing

Putting it All Together

Now that you have your keywords and your value proposition, all you have to do is package it together into a concise and compelling tagline to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Here we go!

Let’s pick three keywords: Strategy, Promotions, and Campaign Management.

And one value proposition: Consumer Marketing Expert.

Now what do we have?

Consumer Marketing Expert with a focus on Strategy, Promotions, and Campaign Management.

And for students:

Aspiring Consumer Marketer with a passion for Strategy, Promotions, and Campaign Management.

That’s all there is to it! But remember, you don’t have to stay married to this formula. Switch it up and add some creativity to your profile to stand out to Recruiters. Here are some more compelling tagline examples that have caught my eye on LinkedIn:

Marketer | Analytical | Passion for Tech | I create winning products for and marketing campaigns

Personal branding strategist providing business leaders with techniques to maximize their brand value for career success

Construction Management | Skilled Negotiator | Commercial Real Estate and Architectural Enthusiast

13+ Yrs Accomplished Marketing & Business Development Executive | Technology, Social Media & SEO/ SEM Savvy | Team Leader

Transitioning strategy into execution. Business development, change management, human capital and operations consultant 

One Final Tip for Job Seekers

A great way to advertise that you’re currently looking for a new role is to incorporate it into your tagline. But, try to avoid simply putting ‘seeking new opportunities’. The more specific you are, the better. It would be much more effective to say that you’re seeking specific opportunities in a particular industry:

Aspiring Consumer Marketer seeking new opportunities in Strategy, Promotions, and Campaign Management.

Are you looking for more tips to help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level? Check out some more free advice:




147 thoughts on “How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Tagline (Headline)”

  1. Hi:

    I’d appreciate it if you give me your opinion in regards to my headline.

    Dynamic Technology Consulting Engineer★ Project Management Catalyst★ Customer Enthusiast★ GameChanger★ Curious? Read on!

    Thank you,

    Fadwa Khalil

  2. Hello,

    I’m a recent university graduate looking for a new opportunity. I am currently enrolled in a professional program to complete my accounting designation and I am looking for an accounting position to complete my experience hours. Would this tagline be catchy and appropriate?

    Fresh talent/ Aspiring accountant with a great sense of business awareness / entrepreneur at heart/ ready to reach my full potential

  3. Hi Diana,

    I hope this can be private…
    I’m in the middle of a transition and I am new to Linked in. I have been working for over 5 years in property Management, and I want to transition into Home Health Care. I am passionate about working with Senior and I long to make a possitive difference/impact in their lives. I want to create the possibility of working in an Assisted Senior Living, in operations or a Sales role. Diana, I was wondering if you may assist in creating a tagline or do you have any feedback. Thank you very much for any assistance. Have an extraordinary day Diana!

  4. Hi Diana,

    Looking to change my LinkedIn tagline after reading your article.

    What do you think of…
    Driven, Seasoned Retail Manager seeking new opportunities in Operations, HR, and Sales. It sounds kind of boring to me but not sure what else to add without making it to long?
    I wanted to add something like “looking to make a difference or looking for a new challenge”.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!:)


  5. Hi

    When I found out my wife was pregnant, I decided to quit my job in a big company in china, to search for better quality of life in Australia.

    after a carrer break in France, I’m now starting to look for a job in Melbourne in Australia.
    i have also taken this time to profit from the uniqueness of fatherhood.

    how to “explain/promote” this situation on my profile?
    any suggestions on the linkedin profile


  6. My Professional Headline:
    Increases Sales & Profitability utilizing Design Thinking and Innovation.
    How can I improve? How can I turn into a “seeking opportunity”
    Please help, new to the job search.

  7. In a couple of weeks I’ll be teaching some pro bono LinkedIn workshops for a non-profit group that helps Vets and the disabled find jobs. Any suggestions for headlines and job titles for those who’ve been undergoing rehabilitation for the past year or so? One of them is currently using “Returning from medical leave and job hunting” as her headline and her current job as “Out on Medical Leave.” I’m not sure what to suggest. She has a brilliant background before that. I suspect others in the class will have similar situations. Too much truth in advertising?

  8. Hi Sandra, thanks for your question! Good for you for giving a pro bono LinkedIn training. I suggest to think about it from the perspective from an employer/ recruiter – what do they care about? what would generate their curiosity to click on their profile to read further? Instead of writing about their current situation, write about skills, expertise, unique value offering. What problems are they great at solving? Hope that helps and good luck!

  9. Hi Christine, thanks for your question! You can turn it into a more proactive language such as “Sales professional on the hunt to help companies increase sales & profitability”

  10. Hi Antonio, you can either write “On Sabbatical” or be more creative/ personable saying “In transition – moved overseas”

  11. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for reaching out! I apologize my delay response. The best is to correspond by email. Please email me at
    You can simply state your passion for working in a sales/ operations role in the senior living industry and add in your unique expertise and strengths.



  12. Hello Diania,

    Thank you for the great article! It was a fantastic read and clued me in on feature of LinkedIn that I hadn’t appreciated before.
    I am a PhD student trying to update my Linkedin profile and I’m having trouble developing a Tagline. I would like to focus on my extracurricular activities of organizing professional development and entrepreneurial opportunities for students. My Tagline so far reads:

    Driving Student Entrepreneurship and Professional development by bridging Science+Business/Connecting Students+Industry.

    I’m not too sure it really pops.
    Thank you!

  13. Diana,

    First of all Hello..!! Im a Hospitality professional, bachelors in Hospitality Management, trying to do a career change to Hotel marketing to be more specific, social media marketing for hotels. Im having trouble coming up with a headline that can let people know i want to do a career change to hotel marketing and that its an entry level.! because i only have experience in hospitality and not in marketing.!

  14. Hi Diana,

    I am updating my Linkeding Profile and looking to build an impressive Tagline based on my experience. I would appreciate your thoughts on what i have articulated, I am sure there is scope for improvement

    Senior IT Manager – Motivating Teams to Build High Quality Systems to improve Clients Business

    Can you please help how can i refine this tagline to look much better?

  15. Hi,
    I just graduated from college and I am trying to improve both my resume and my Linkedin profile to make them more appealing. I graduated with double major in Finance and Marketing so I don’t know how should I do a tagline that focuses in these two concentrations. Here is how I have it:
    Business Administration Major, specializing in Finance and Marketing. Interested in Corporate Finance & Market Research.
    I want to point out that I am seeking for a job… what do you think?


  16. Diana,

    Could you please comment on my Tagline –
    Quality Executive > Strategy Planner > Problem Solver > I align resources to bring the cost down and enhance efficiency
    Thanks – Manish

  17. Thanks for this article.. I’ve just been promoted and was looking for the perfect words- Now I’ve gone from technical trainer to ‘ Senior Education Consultant, developing lifelong learning for the sustainable built environment’ I’m also creating and leading in new collaborative courses and packages with other world wide leaders in sustainability, but couldn’t find a way to pull it all together!

  18. HI,DIANA!

  19. Hi Diana,
    I am planing to migrate to Australia from India & would like to use LinkedIn as my main sales tool.
    I am Business Analyst with rich Exp in Telco Domain.

    So here is my samples Headlines:
    Business/Process Analyst on the hunt to help companies increase their sales & profitability by optimizing their IT dept.

    can you suggest some more?


  20. Hi, Diana.

    Great article. I think this is a very key real estate. Currently, I’m listed as just “CPG Industry Professional”. Below are some suggested modifications.

    CPG Industry Professional / Syndicated Data Enthusiast – Nielsen, IRI, Spins / Category Management Analyst / Skilled Space Management Advisor

    I appreciate your thoughts.


  21. Awesome post Diana! It inspired me to change my tagline, and I’d love your feedback.

    “Knowledge Management Strategist”

    “Knowledge Management Leader > Governance + Consistency / Timeliness + Relevance = Compliance * Great Experience (Win!!)”

    What prompted this is that I am struggling to market myself toward my true core strengths. Sites such as LinkedIn however appear to place too much weight on my “last” role. What I really need is to market the sum of my experience which is much wider than my last role.

  22. Hi Diana,

    Thank you for the awesome tips. I do find myself in a sort of conundrum, where I can’t really come up with an appropriate headline because my experiences and education don’t really line up all that well. I’ve been a coordinator (mid-level manager) at a non-profit agency in membership sales/services, then I did senior business retail sales at a very well known company, followed up by an accounting degree from college. I did very minimal account related tasks, but nothing worthy of being highlighted, though if I focus solely on my education, I lose over a decade of solid experience. What can I (and people like me) do when past experiences and education and current aspirations don’t quite go hand-in-hand?

    A very rough draft of headline would be something like “Seasoned sales and client services manager, in transition to accounting”. Gosh, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  23. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your comment! Those are some very catchy options and I definitely recommend updating your tagline. The more keywords you include, the easier it will be for a recruiter to find you. I would combine two or more of the suggestions you made to maximize the impact of your profile. For example: CPG Industry Professional l Skilled Space Management Advisor l Syndicated Data Enthusiast – Nielsen/IRI/Spins.

    Hope this helps!


  24. Hello Pankaj,

    Thanks for commenting! Your sample headline is very creative and I would only recommend some slight tweaks. Instead of saying ‘on the hunt’, a stronger way to phrase it could be: Business/Process Analyst l Passion for helping companies increase sales & profitability by optimizing IT. You may also want to include one additional keyword that’s relevant to your expertise so that you can get found by recruiters.



  25. Hello Shikha,

    Great tagline! I recommend rewording it to: Communications l Strategy l Campaign Management l Aspiring Marketer with a Passion for People and Project Management.

    Hope this helps!


  26. Hi Manish,

    Awesome tagline! I would only tweak it a little to say: Quality Executive > Strategic Planner > Problem Solver > I align resources to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

    Thanks for your comment!


  27. Hello Karla!

    Great start. I suggest not putting that you’re seeking job opportunities as that can be perceived as desperate and it takes up valuable tagline space that you can use to convey your value offering. I also recommend using more proactive words, such as: Business Administration Major, Specialization in Finance and Marketing l Passion for Corporate Finance & Market Research.

    Hope this helps!


  28. Hello Ajay,

    Nice work on this version of your tagline! I recommend slightly tweaking it to sound more proactive: Senior IT Manager l Motivates Teams to Create High Quality Systems That Improve Clients’ Businesses.


  29. Hello Holly,

    Thanks for your comment! Your current tagline is catchy and I would keep it as is. I recommend talking about other projects you’re undertaking in your summary to show that you’re a multi-faceted professional. Your tagline shouldn’t say everything, it’s simply there to generate curiosity and cause visitors to click through and read your summary.


  30. Hello Enrique,

    Great question! I recommend seeking out opportunities to build your brand on the marketing side instead of suggesting that you don’t have any experience. For example, you can become a Certified Social Media Consultant through HootSuite university quite quickly. If you don’t have any marketing expertise at the moment, it’s going to be difficult to leverage LinkedIn as you don’t have the functional keywords you’ll need to show up in recruiters’ searches. For now, a possible tagline could be: Hospitality Professional l Passion for leveraging social media marketing to achieve and surpass business objectives.

    Hope this helps!


  31. Hi Alexander,

    That’s a great start! Here’s my suggested revision: Drives Student Entrepreneurship l Bridges the Gap Between Science & Business by Connecting Students with Industry


  32. Hi Alexander,

    Great question! Since you don’t have the experience you need, I recommend talking about what you’re passionate about in accounting so that you can still include some functional keywords that will get you found by recruiters. For example: Seasoned Client Services Manager l Passion for _____.


  33. Hi! I am an internal talent acquisition coordinator looking to create a catchy LinkedIn title. Right now my title says “Energetic Talent Spotter.” What are your thoughts? Should I add more? I enjoy interviewing, on-boarding, culture and networking. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

  34. Just found your site and have already passed the URL on to two friends. Would appreciate your feedback on the following tagline:
    Instructional Design Strategist | I see the learning options that others miss | Champion of motivating training
    Thanks! Debra

  35. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for your excellent guidelines in creating some catchy headlines.I find myself in a dilemma wherein I am unable to finalize on an appropriate headline.
    I am a Senior Level General Manager into Telecom domain and aspiring for new opportunities.
    Below is a rough thought on my headline,

    Seasoned Telecom Technocrate/Professional | IP/MPLS Network Planner & Designer | Data Network Engineering & Solutioning | Network Optimizer | SDN/NFV Specialist | Cloud Service Enthusiast | Building High Performance Networks that Align with Corporate Vision

    Could you please help with your thoughts on the same.

  36. Hello Siddharth,

    Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. That is a great headline, however LinkedIn only allows 120 characters for your tagline. I recommend narrowing down on 1-3 of those thoughts and consolidating them. For example:

    Seasoned Telecom Professional | IP/MPLS Network Designer l Builds High-Performance Networks to Achieve Corporate Vision

    Hope this helps!


  37. Hi Debra,

    Thanks for your comment and referrals! I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the site! That’s a great headline. I recommend changing ‘options’ to ‘opportunities’ to sound more proactive and motivating to ‘motivational’ as viewers might not understand what motivating training is. Here’s what it would look like:

    Instructional Design Strategist | I see the learning opportunities that others miss | Champion of motivational training


  38. Hi Ashley-Rose!

    Thanks for your comment. I like your headline! Since you’re so interested in networking, you might want to add ‘Active Connector and Networker’.


  39. Great article! Very helpful. I was wondering if you could help me with my headline. I recently graduated and just started my first temporary position as an executive assistant to the CEO taking over for someone going on maternity leave (3 months). I will be looking for a permanent position after this one is over and want to look appealing to recruiters. This is what I have so far: Executive Assitant | Aspiring Human Resources Generalist | Passion for Recruitment & Change Management

  40. Hi Diana,

    Thanks a ton !!

    I would also like to include the keywords SDN/NFV & Cloud in the tag line as per your recomended head line.
    Could you assist please ?


  41. Event Coordinator / Marketing Assistant / Human Resource Assistant / Administrator
    How can I make this tagline exciting and encourage people to read on?

  42. Thank you for this great article.
    I just developed my tagline. it is ‘Hungry mind, Design thinker & Digital Lover’.
    Please suggest me improvements or changes I have to make
    Thank You.

  43. Hi Diana,

    I think this is really very awesome post and it will helpful me a lot. I am a digital marketing professional can you please suggest me how can i write headline for my LinkedIn profile. My current headline is Digital Marketing strategist.. Please help me on this

  44. Hi Diana,

    Excellent article, wanting for more!!

    Looking to change my LinkedIn tagline after reading your article.

    I am a Market research professional in Semiconductor and electronics industry.

    Is this good “Market Research | Consulting | Forecasting | Semiconductor and Electronics Industry”

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!:)

    Harsh Gupta

  45. Hi Diana,
    I enjoyed reading your article. Would you give me some assistance in crafting my LinkedIn headline?

    Current: Software Developer | 3rd Year Student | Interested in Internship


  46. I really love your blog on Taglines and Summary. I’m having a hard time writing a tagline that indicates my love of and experience working in the outdoors with my aspirations to combine that with a career in Marketing, Promotion, Event Planning. This is what I have but I’m sure it’s too wordy. Can you help shorten it up and/or clarify? Thanks.

    Outdoor Instructor/Leader, Focused on Motivating Participants to Maximize their Potential l Creative l Aspiring to Combine my Passion for the Outdoors to include Social Media, Event Management, Marketing, and Promotion.

  47. Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for your message! Your tagline has a limit of 120 characters so you may want to consider cutting out about half of that tagline. Here’s a quick recommendation: Marketing l Promotion l Event Planning l Motivates participants to maximize their potential in engaging outdoor events.


  48. Hi Jim,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! What you have is a great start. I would recommend focusing on what type of internship you’d like to land so that recruiters can get a better sense of your goals.


  49. Hello Harsh,

    I’m so glad to hear that! Your current tagline is very specific and would give a recruiter a good sense of who you are and what you offer. If you’d like to learn more, here are some of my top articles for LinkedIn techniques:

    3 Ways to Build a Powerful Profile:
    How to Find Recruiters:
    3 Tips to Create a Killer Outreach Message:
    Top LinkedIn Networking/Job Search Groups to Join:

    Hope this helps!

  50. Hi Indira,

    That’s a great question. Digital Marketing Strategist is a perfect way to start off your headline. To flesh out on this, I recommend including a brief blurb about what exactly you’re passionate about in the digital marketing space. What value can you provide as a freelancer? What are your unique skills?

    Hope this helps!


  51. Hi Jassim,

    Thanks for reading! That’s a unique & catchy tagline you have there. I recommend elaborating on what you mean by ‘Design Thinker’ as it’s not entirely clear.

    Hope this helps,


  52. Hello Marian,

    I recommend including a brief blurb about what you’re passionate about. What can you bring to a company that’s unique to your specific skill sets?

    Hope this helps.


  53. Hi Lily,

    That’s a great tagline! It’s very concise and is clear about your interests. Well done!


  54. Hello Diana,
    Your article is so awesome, but I also enjoyed reading your replies to people! It’s great to have examples from others too.
    I am getting ready to my first job in the US and came up with the following headline:
    MsBA in Entrepreneurship l Passion for Marketing & Branding | International Experience | Looking to Positively Impact a New Organization
    I know you do not recommend to put anything about a job search, but maybe you could advice me how I could turn it differently.
    Thank you,

  55. Hi Diana,

    I am a jobseeker and I am looking for a headline for my linkedin profile. I was working as an administrative support specialist and I would love to continue in this area as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. What would be the perfect headline for me to wrote.

    Thank you

  56. Hi Mihaela,

    It’s hard to recommend a perfect headline for you as I don’t know the details of your expertise. What did you specialize in administrative support? What kind of people did you support?

    Some keywords that come to mind: Stakeholder Management/ Client Relationship Management/ Customer Support/ Organized/ Detailed-oriented/ Planner

  57. Hi Elena,

    Thanks for the positive feedback! I really like your tagline! It’s specific and it’s you! In your case, I think it’s ok to have the last statement that you are looking since you included your area of interest as well.

  58. Hi Diana,

    Loved your article. I am kind of stuck here as the headline which includes all the keywords of my Job expertise is exceeding the number of characters allowed. Could you please have a look at it and recommend the changes with more powerful words or with some changes to the same. I would be really grateful to you as I need to start applying for new Jobs.

    Dynamic Accounting specialist | Serving Hospitality Industry since 6 years | On time Accounts Payables |Accurate Accounts receivables | Assisting in GL Accounting |Financial Planning & Payroll | Focused on increasing your company’s profits & Customer service.

  59. I just found this article and it’s absolutely awesome! Thank you for writing this! Question, if you don’t mind: I’ve worked in several educationally adjacent roles (admissions, career coach, educational sales rep, educational marketing rep) and have had HR project roles and other roles that involved management, training and creating training manuals. I want to get into Education Analyst, Coordinator and Education Project Management roles moving forward. What’s a good way to write my tagline?

  60. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for sharing this Amazing blog !! I recently viewed your webinar on – “How to Network to Get Work”.
    I am a recruiting professional, moved to Canada recently and looking for opportunities, I have 4+ years of experience and my focus is to create great candidate experiences and build relationships. It would be great if you can help me with a tagline and ways to build my network. Any suggestions would be of great help.

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