Multi-passionate people are those that are interested in everything. They have a wide range of skills and sometimes have trouble narrowing down exactly what it is they want out of life.

Having multiple interests and skills is great! It means that you’re more versatile and can likely bring a unique perspective to the table. But, not knowing what you want always comes at a cost. The more time you spend without a concrete goal, the less time you’ll have to achieve it. Key message: acknowledge your multiple interests and do your best to construct some overall goals that will keep you focused, motivated, and active.

If you’re a multi-passionate person, here are some questions to consider that will help you establish a meaningful goal to work towards:

1. What is the impact that you want to make?

This is the most important question. How do you want to change the world? What legacy do you want to leave? How do you define success? Your answers to these questions make up your overall goal. This is the vision you have for your life what will drive you, motivate you, and keep you going when times are tough.

2. Is what you’re doing now in line with your overall goal?

To be successful, you have to be productive. Productivity in this sense means more than getting just anything done, it means getting the right thing done. The right thing is the activity that will help you get on track towards achieving your dreams. For some, this can be as simple as enrolling in relevant courses or taking certifications. For others, it may mean targeting your job search so that you can ensure that the position you end up in will provide you with the skills that you need for your future.

3. Have you done your research?

If you think that you will be forced to choose between two or more of your top interests, it’s possible that you might not be fully aware of all of the options available to you. Doing research on specific industries and roles could give you more insight into how you can leverage all of your skills and interests in one dynamic position.

4. What do you value most in a career?

If you’ve established an overall goal and completed your research but have yet to reach any conclusions, it’s time to sit down and really consider what’s most important to you. What you should start figuring out right now is whether the vision you have for your career matches up with the reality of working in your chosen industry or profession. For example, when I was thinking about starting my own business, I was flip-flopping between Career and Life Coaching and Wedding Planning. They sound like polar opposites, right? After taking the time to think about why it was that I wanted to do both of these things, I realized that they actually had a lot in common: both involved helping others, close client interaction, and event planning.

Once I determined this, I had to dig deep to find out which career path was most compatible with my values. When I envisioned my dream career, I was picturing it allowing me the autonomy and freedom that I needed to grow and develop. Once I took all information into account, I realized that Career and Life Coaching offered me more of a chance to make a difference, remain mobile, and retain autonomy. I also realized that, since wedding planning isn’t location based, I would be able to do it on the side.

I recommend that you do the same. Take the time to analyze your values and how you want to spend your time, and you may find yourself with a clearer perspective on your future!

Are you a multi-passionate person? Tell me about your interests in the comments section!