3 Ways to Cultivate a Good Reputation

Though you may have a stable job, you should always be looking to the future. You never know when an opportunity might arise, so it’s important that you are always on your game and ready to do what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

Building your reputation is one of the most important ingredients to succeed in the workplace. Here are the top tips for those looking to make a great impression by developing their reputation in the workplace.

1. Get off the fence

Your brand and reputation is how people will determine whether or not you are reliable, trustworthy, and capable. How can you make your new coworkers perceive you as a strong addition to the company? Get off the fence! Take out ‘I’ll try’, ‘we’ll see’, and ‘maybe’ from your vocabulary. These phrases convey to listeners that you are noncommittal, which is the exact opposite of what you should want to be in your career. A ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ is a better way to demonstrate to others that you have an established brand and are ready to commit to your beliefs and values.

2. Don’t make empty promises

There is nothing worse than promising that you will do something when you really weren’t considering it or it wasn’t possible in the first place. Always be conscious of the little things that contribute to how people perceive you. If you said that you would complete a small project on Monday but it is Tuesday and you haven’t given it to your manager yet, he or she may not come to you with other, more fruitful opportunities in the future. No matter how small the project is, it is better to make no promise than an empty one.

3. Don’t complain

Your job may be menial. You may not be doing what you thought you would be doing. If this is you, push these thoughts to the back of your mind and recognize that this position is a stepping stone to greater things. Because you must make do with your current situation, it is so important that you don’t let your true feelings show. If your manager knows of an excellent opportunity and is looking for someone to refer to it, you want to be the first person that they think of. One of the easiest ways to ensure that this happens is to cut the complaining. Whether it’s about the weather or a tedious task that you have been assigned, keep it to yourself. The moment you start complaining, people will perceive you as being more negative and less eager to achieve. This may hurt your brand to the point of no recovery.

When I was doing a training session last year, 20 people signed up but only 1 person actually showed up. Each of these people had taken the spot of someone who may have really needed my help. By not communicating in advance about being a no show, the 19 people did not do their reputation any good. Always be conscious of your reputation, how others may perceive your actions, and the consequences of your behaviour. From the moment that you step out the door, people are making judgments about you. Make sure that they perceive you positively!

It takes a long time to build a reputation but few minutes to destroy it. Keep these tips for building your reputation in your mind and you will be on your way to succeed in the workplace. If you have any tips of your own for developing a reputation in the workplace, please share with us through comments.

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