How to Know If You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur
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I recently hosted an amazing Q&A session with entrepreneurs who shared the inside scoop on how they made the career transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. One of my top questions for them: how do you know if you’re ready to leave corporate? What are some of the signs that led you to know for certain that entrepreneurship was your calling?

Here are five signs that you’re ready to become an entrepreneur:

1. You’re feeling disenchanted.

A common theme with many professionals who are thinking about transitioning to entrepreneurship is that they no longer feel fulfilled with their roles in corporate. There’s either too much structure on a daily basis or the job itself doesn’t offer the flexibility and freedom that you want. If this is you, it may be time to consider becoming self-employed so that you can create your own day-to-day schedule.

2. Your career has stagnated.

If you haven’t been promoted in the last six years, it may be time to recognize that your growth opportunities are limited at your organization. This could be for a number of reasons and doesn’t have to mean that you aren’t valued for what you do, but if you’re feeling bored or tired of doing the same tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, a career transition may be in order.

3. You aren’t happy with your current work environment.

The work itself could be as engaging as you could hope for, but if you’re unhappy with your company culture or you’re feeling like you’re trying to be something you’re not just to fit in, it may be time to consider whether this role is the right fit for you. Sometimes, this can be solved by transitioning to a new company. Other times, what you could be craving is the freedom and control that comes from owning your own business.

4. You don’t think you’re fully applying yourself.

The problem with corporate roles is that they tend to be very structured and specialized. If you’re a multi-passionate person with interests that range from financial analysis to photography, you may be finding that a corporate role will simply never fulfill you because it won’t allow you to apply yourself at your fullest potential.

5. You don’t feel like you’re being your authentic self.

Warning bells should go off in your head if you catch yourself feeling like you have to change to fit into a company culture or role that you’re in. Being inauthentic in the workplace means that you’re forcing yourself to change who you are every day of the week, every week of the month, and every month of the year. This can be mentally (and physically!) exhausting, which hurts your productivity because you’re not fully ‘in the game’.

Are you wondering if a career transition is right for you? Check out the full video below!

Here’s the agenda:

  •   1:00 – How to Decide if Entrepreneurship is Right for You
  • 13:00 – How to Cope with the Fear of Failure
  • 18:20 – Important Characteristics that Entrepreneurs Have
  • 23:40 – Steps to Take When Starting Your Business
  • 30:30 – How to Get the First Client
  • 36:40 – Their Entrepreneurial Journeys
  • 46:15 – How to Determine Your Value Offering
  • 55:20 – How to Create an Effective Message that Generates Curiosity
  • 57:00 – How to Develop a Business Strategy
  • 59:10 – How to Stay Motivated During the Tough Times

And a shout-out to the amazing entrepreneurs who came to share their stories:

Zoe Richards – Business Coach and bestselling author with a passion for helping clients create fulfilling, healthy businesses. Check out her website and special message to you by clicking here!

Sandra Kahale – Writer & Editor at OnWord Consulting, a consultancy that specializes in developing content that cuts through the clutter so that you can communicate with clarity.

Ryan Coelho – Personal Development Specialist who focuses on engineering and simplifying. Check out his website to learn more about him!




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Diana YK Chan

Diana YK Chan

Diana is a former Recruiter turned Career Coach, Speaker and Trainer at My Marketability. She helps ambitious professionals and executives design the next chapter of their life, navigate transformational changes, and land incredible opportunities with a higher income. She’s an expert at distinguishing people’s unique brand value, mastering their messages and networking with confidence to gain a competitive edge. She’s recognized by JobScan as one of the Top 10 Job Search Experts to follow on LinkedIn.