15 Job Search & Networking LinkedIn Groups to Join

Have you joined any groups on LinkedIn? If you haven’t yet, you absolutely should. With over 2 million groups, you can open yourself up to a much larger network by engaging and interacting with professionals from various industries. You can easily leverage these groups in your job search to find networking and job opportunities. Once you are an official member of a group, you will gain access to the entire members list; you can then do keyword searches on this list to find specific professionals (*hint hint*––search recruiter!). Although you can use LinkedIn to ease your hunt and networking efforts, you still need to make sure you differentiate yourself as top talent. Get noticed by liking posts or commenting in discussion groups. By contributing to a conversation, you can begin to gain a reputation as a person with knowledge in a particular area. You will also get to know and learn from other industry experts. Also, be sure to take advantage of the ‘Jobs’ tab where group members will post available positions! With over 277 million users on LinkedIn, it’s worth a shot! Here are just a few of my favourite LinkedIn Groups that can help you out!

1) Canada Recruitment
2) Canada Jobs, Careers and Networking
3) Marketing Canada
4) Toronto Digital Marketing Professionals
5) Toronto Marketing Community
6) Toronto Job Networking – Canada Jobs & Technology
7) Sales Careers Canada
8) Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!
9) Canadian Marketing Association
10) Career Professionals of Canada
11) Startup Campaign Canada
12) Canada Information Technology ★ Professionals ★ Startup ★ Entrepreneur ★ Co-Founder ★ VC ★ Investor
13) Engineering Jobs in USA and Canada
14) Finance Jobs in USA and Canada
15) Canada Human Resources Network (HR)

To find more groups to join on LinkedIn, try typing relevant keywords into the search bar. You might be surprised at the opportunities you can find!

I would love to hear from you, what are some of your favourite LinkedIn Groups?

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