What to Look For in an MBA School
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It’s that time of the year again! We’re gearing up for the next round of MBA admissions in the new year and it’s time to get clear on which MBA schools you’re going to apply to. To help you out, here are nine questions to consider as you do your research:

1. What is the school known for? What do they excel at?

It’s important to be strategic about the MBA school you choose. For example, if you want to branch into the U.S. market, do research to assess which schools receive recognition in the U.S or offer opportunities to study, network, or work abroad.

2. What is their ranking and reputation?

Checking out their ranking and reputation is a great way to get your head around what this MBA school will do for you. Ultimately, you’ll want to attend a school that will pique employers’ curiosity when they see your resume.

2. How long is the program?

Is it one or two years? Is it a part-time or full-time program? This is great to consider before you dive in with your application. If your employer is supportive of the program, a full-time, one year program could be your best option for finishing your education quickly and accelerating your career.

3. What is the class size?

The larger the class size, the larger a network you’ll develop. On the other hand, you may find that you don’t learn as well in a less interactive environment. Critically consider your learning style before entering into an MBA school.

4. What is the learning method?

Is it case-style or lesson-based? How will you be learning and how will that prepare you for your future career? For example, Ivey Business School offers case-based teaching methodologies that prepare students very well for future careers in consulting.

5. Who makes up the faculty?

MBA school is a major investment in your career, and you want to be sure that you’ll be able to get maximum benefit from top notch faculty. Ensure that you check the biographies of the faculty who teach courses relevant to your specialization.

6. What is the student demographic?

The class demographic plays a huge role in your learning. MBA school is interactive and requires each class member to bring his or her unique external work experience to the table. I recommend investigating the demographics and assessing which group of professionals you would most like to learn from.

7. How extensive is the alumni network?

Is the alumni network something that the school prides itself upon? A major factor for you to consider before you go to MBA school is how you can leverage this network to get you places you want to go.

8. Is the career management support rated highly?

If you’re currently in a career transition and want to go to MBA school to help facilitate it, you’ll want to check in with the career management department and whether or not the school prides itself on the resources it offers. Many schools offer personalized career coaching to each student as part of enrolment.

9. Which companies recruit at this school?

If you have a particular company or industry in mind, you’ll want to target your search to an MBA program that will help connect you with the employers that are relevant to you.

Do you have any questions about applying to MBA schools? Let me know in the comments section or email me! I use to recruit for Ivey Business School’s MBA and Executive MBA program where I’ve reviewed hundreds of applications/ essays and conducted hundreds of interviews. I know what it takes to stand out out!






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Diana YK Chan

Diana YK Chan

Diana is a former Recruiter turned Career Coach, Speaker and Trainer at My Marketability. She helps ambitious professionals and executives design the next chapter of their life, navigate transformational changes, and land incredible opportunities with a higher income. She’s an expert at distinguishing people’s unique brand value, mastering their messages and networking with confidence to gain a competitive edge. She’s recognized by JobScan as one of the Top 10 Job Search Experts to follow on LinkedIn.