You deserve the best, which is why I’m here to give you some motivation for your job search and career challenges! Here’s the reality: we’ve all had those days when we feel like we may not be good enough, we don’t know if our goals worth it, or, most likely, we’re unsure of what we want. Here’s what I want you to know if you ever feel this way:

The first step towards overcoming any job search or career management challenges you may face is to start presenting yourself as you want to be perceived. Stay true to who you are, leave your nerves at home, and have confidence in your abilities!

The world needs you! But, keep in mind that time is a resource that runs out. You may think that now’s not the right time or place to start on the path towards achieving your dreams, but it is. Whether it’s choosing the best courses for your future, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, polishing your resume, or getting crystal clear on your brand, always take steps to develop yourself personally and professionally.


You have what it takes to succeed. But, leveraging your talents and achievements so that the world realizes this is a whole other ballgame. Here are three exercises that you can do to discover what you want to do with your life and how you can market yourself effectively:

1.    Set your intentions.

This is about your attitude, how you want to feel, and ultimately how others will perceive you. Think of this as the relationship between ‘being’ and ‘doing’. Your being is how you want to show up: it is your desire to be confident, be authentic, or be curious. Your doing is the actions that you have to complete to achieve your ideal being. Always keep these in balance: if you want to be confident, then you must speak with purpose and persuasiveness.

2.    Create a vision board.

Leaf through the nearest magazine right now, or if you’re at your computer, check out Pinterest. Are there any images there that inspire you? If so, go ahead and take them out or save them to your desktop, because if you want to do something that will motivate you on the toughest of days, you should make a vision board!

A vision board is a poster that includes images that inspire you and that depict your ideal future. It gives you something to aim at, motivates you, and reminds you of your own greatness.

 3.    Write out 10 reasons why you are awesome.

Don’t worry about being humble! You are awesome. What are 10 things that you like about yourself? Are there aspects of your personality that you know your friends value? These will be your affirmations and evidence that you can do anything you want to.