Q&A on Recruiting Trends and Leveraging LinkedIn (Part I)

During my February Q&A Office Hour, I interviewed the amazing Amy Cole – LinkedIn specialist, fashion recruiting expert, and successful business mentor. I had the opportunity to pick her brain on top LinkedIn strategies to get found and hired into your dream job. I was so inspired by what she had to say that I want to share the full interview with you. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hear from an industry leader who has mastered the art of making LinkedIn work for you and your business! Take 30 minutes of your day to tune into this interview.

Agenda & Welcome from Host Diana YK Chan (Click here to Listen)

Amy Cole’s Background & Expertise (Click here to listen)

As a business mentor and coach, Amy Cole founded “Make LinkedIn Powerful” in order to share her passion for helping corporate and entrepreneurial professionals. She has launched hundreds of careers through 25 years of executive recruiting. She optimizes the marketing tools of LinkedIn to expand your company’s business and to find your dream job. Through group and individual programs and online training, Amy illustrates how this ingenious technology can expand your professional reach while maintaining a spotlight on the human spirit. Use “Make LinkedIn Powerful” to accelerate your professional business goals. Connect with Amy on LinkedIn!

Part 1 Q&A on LinkedIn & Networking (Click here to listen)

  • What makes a powerful LinkedIn profile?
  • What are some LinkedIn profile red flags?
  • What are effective networking tips online?
  • As a job seeker, how can I add value to a Recruiter/ Hiring Manager?
  • Is there value in reaching out to the person who posted the job?

Part 2 Q&A on Advice & Challenges Moving to the U.S. (Click here to listen)

  • What advice do you have for people who want to move to the U.S.? What challenges may they face?

Part 3 Q&A on What Recruiters Look For & Personal Branding (Click here to listen)

  • What kind of candidates do Recruiters search for? What core characteristics do you look for?
  • Why is personal branding important to stand out in this competitive market?
  • What are some LinkedIn success stories to empower the audience to leverage this powerful tool?

Click here for the full interview with Amy Cole.

To learn more about LinkedIn Recruiting, take a look at my second interview with William Coleman, Certified LinkedIn Expert Recruiter and one of Canada’s only Certified Social Sourcing Recruiters!

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