4 Strategies to Overcome the Fear of Making a Career Transition

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Career transitions can be stressful, nerve-wracking, and, at times, painful. They come with their own baggage of anxiety and the fear that you may not succeed after all your effort.

I recently hosted a Q&A with entrepreneurs who have successfully transitioned from corporate roles. I got their insights on simple strategies you can use to make sure you don’t lose yourself to fear so that you can feel empowered to live your dream!

1. Recognize that you’re scared.

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When you recognize your fear, you prevent it from taking you over. If you don’t keep going through the fear, nothing’s going to happen and you’ll end up getting nowhere. No entrepreneur has ever not been scared, even if it’s their second, third, or fourth business. Anxiety is a natural part of doing something outside of the norm – embrace it and work with it to ensure your success!

2. Embrace discomfort.

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When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re constantly coming up against business and personal challenges. You’re almost always out of your comfort zone. But, a key trait of entrepreneurs is that they’re able to thrive under this pressure and are able to push past discomfort to finish what needs to be done.

3. Don’t let yourself justify your fear.

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Too often, we justify our fears. We let ourselves fall into the mindset that we should be scared, and so we are. A great way to overcome this is to create a new belief in yourself that justifies your confidence in your abilities. When you focus exclusively on why you’re able to make a career transition as opposed to what’s stopping you, you’ll be more empowered to take the first steps!

4. Make a business plan.

Putting your ideas on paper will help give you the confidence you need to make a career transition. This could take weeks or even months, but it’s so important that you take the time to really think about where you see your career transition heading. This will help you gain confidence by putting your thoughts to paper and creating a solid game plan that will guide you when you decide to make the leap.

Are you wondering if a career transition is right for you? Check out the full video below!

And a shout-out to the amazing entrepreneurs who came to share their stories:

Zoe Richards – Business Coach and bestselling author with a passion for helping clients create fulfilling, healthy businesses. Check out her website and special message to you by clicking here!

Sandra Kahale – Writer & Editor at OnWord Consulting, a consultancy that specializes in developing content that cuts through the clutter so that you can communicate with clarity.

Ryan Coelho – Personal Development Specialist who focuses on breaking down what success means. Check out his website to learn more about him!



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