The #1 Resume Mistake Most Job Seekers Are Not Aware They’re Doing

How do you write a resume that impresses potential employers in 6 seconds or less?

6 seconds is all the time it takes for employers and recruiters to look over a resume and determine if they should push through with this candidate. If a resume is unable to make a strong enough impact in that short amount of time, the chances for a candidate to be called in for a job interview is pretty low.

So going back to the question, how do you make an impression on your resume that encourages employers to invite you for an interview? What are some of the things should or shouldn’t do? How are you going to effectively convey your messaging and shine as the top candidate?

As a start, you need to be familiar with the #1 resume writing mistake almost 99% of job seekers make. Having screened 10,000 resumes as a recruiter, I’ve seen a lot of wasted potential in the form of resumes that could’ve been written a lot better had they been aware of this common yet overlooked mistake.

The #1 resume mistake job seekers make is…

Writing a history-based resume as opposed to a marketing-focused resume!

There is a huge difference between writing a resume based solely on the cold hard facts of your professional life (history-based) compared to a resume that targets an employer’s specific needs (marketing-focused). Although you’re still able to layout a profile of your professional background with a history-based resume, a marketing-focused resume will get you more results.

Here are 3 further points to explain why history-based resumes aren’t as effective…

1. It doesn’t stand out
2. It doesn’t give the employer a sense of how you can add value
3. It doesn’t convey that you are a high potential candidate

Watch my video below to find out more about why these types of resumes don’t sell as well and what you can do to write a market-focused resume instead!


What can you do to turn your resume to more of a marketing-focused document? Let me know in the comments below!

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