The 4 Common Interview Mistakes that Lead to a Rejection

Interviews can be nerve-wracking! Even though you’re not bungee jumping off an incredible height nor performing in front of a huge crowd, sitting in front of your future employer and hoping that he or she likes whatever you say can be enough to get your heart pumping!

Of course, it’s only natural to be nervous during interviews, especially if it’s for a dream job you’ve wanted for so long. The interview is the last stretch to finally getting hired – it only makes sense for you to want it to go as smoothly and as perfectly as possible.

Thankfully, a perfect interview is definitely possible as long as you DON’T commit certain common mistakes people tend to do a lot – just read on!

As a recruiter, I’ve done interviews with thousands of job seekers, and from there I was able to pull out some of the most common mistakes that can more likely lead to a rejection. Watch the video below or read further.


I grouped all of these mistakes into the 4Cs of common interview mistakes, and these are:

  1. Lack of Connection – minimal chemistry and rapport or none at all! If you don’t connect well with the employer they don’t see the real you, and if they can’t see the real you, how are they supposed to like or even trust you?
  2. Lack of Confidence – a lack of confidence makes employers think twice about your capabilities to handle the job. Also, be aware that this can show through your body language and tone of voice.
  3. Lack of Clear Communication – people tend to ramble and stray from the question asked, sometimes ending up not even answering the question at all. This only makes it harder for the employer to understand what you’re trying to say. Remember that great communication skills are the most sought-after quality employers look for, no matter what industry.
  4. Lack of Compelling Examples – going to an interview without bringing any proof or evidence to support your experience or your credentials.

In connection with these 4 common mistakes, here are 4 counter actions that can improve your interview performance:

  1. Build a Connection – be totally present not just physically, but mentally! Find common ground with the employer or interviewer and make eye contact. Also, don’t forget to smile and ask questions. Show friendliness, approachability, and trustworthiness.
  2. Be Confident – ever heard of the phrase “confidence is key”? It definitely applies to interviews! Be conscious about how you carry yourself and what you say and how you say it – be assertive. Dress to impress, and it also helps to visualize your success before the interview to give you a confidence boost!
  3. Communicate Clearly – be concise and straight-to-the-point by bottom lining your messages. Speak with a consistent and organized structure or framework, that way it’s easier for the interviewer to take notes about you.
  4. Have Compelling Examples – whenever appropriate or relevant, share stories of your past experiences and talk about what you learned, what you did, and what you would have done differently (if your interviewer asks about what mistakes you did in the past). This helps the interviewer predict your future behaviour.

There you have it. The 4Cs to common interview mistakes you should avoid and 4 counter actions to help improve your performance.

Here’s an actionable item for you:

What are the 3 things you can start working on to improve your interview performance?

Let me know in the comments! Feel free to ask away as well if you have more questions about boosting your interview performance.

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