The 6 P’s of Successful Job Searching

I’m going to be honest here: a successful job search is tough to achieve. There’s no one framework that will take you through all of the networking, personal branding, relationship building, resume writing, and interviewing you’ll need to complete because every job search is different. What you did in the 2000s won’t work in the current market, and the steps you took to break into your first role may not help you if you’re considering an industry change.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and I can tell you that a successful job search is all about the attitude you bring to the table. The harder you work, the easier it will be to see fast results! Here are the 6 characteristics that all successful job seekers share:

1. Be Proactive

A passive job seeker is an unsuccessful one. By passive, I mean that they rely primarily on online applications and don’t take the time to seek out opportunities for themselves. The more you actively network, build connections, and share your intentions, the easier it will be to find new opportunities.

2. Be Passionate

Many candidates have a successful job search not only due to their applicable experience, but also because they’re able to demonstrate interest and curiosity about their goals. By showcasing their passion, they inspire others to help them succeed. Better yet, they’re able to inspire their interviewers with their compelling and memorable message.

3. Be Persistent

The squeaky wheel gets the grease! The more you reach out to connections and your connections’ connections for informational interviews, the higher the probability that someone will be able to help you. The key is to not let one bad interview ruin your attitude – in all likelihood, the reason you weren’t hired has to do with something completely outside of your control.

4. Be Positive

Successful job searches take time. They can be difficult, and you might often feel like you’re doing the wrong thing or you’re only getting negative responses. Don’t let this hurt your motivation, because I can tell you that, from what I’ve seen, candidates who land their dream jobs always make a point of never letting the process get them down.

5. Be Prepared

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to prepare, prepare, prepare. If you’re going into an informational interview, do your due diligence on your connection’s background so that you can find out how they can best help you. The same goes for interviewing – get your game face on by doing exhaustive research on the company, hiring manager, and industry.

6. Be Polished

This comes with continually practicing and perfecting your message and value offering until it sounds authentic. There’s nothing worse than going into an interview and sounding robotic because you’re trying to recall details in your head. Save yourself the embarrassment by practicing with a friend, a Career Coach, or in front of the mirror so that you can watch your body language!

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