Top 5 Brands with the Best Community Management

The finalist’s for this year’s Shorty Awards were recently announced! For those who don’t know, the Shorty Awards are an annual award given to honour the best brands, people, and agencies on their social media. At Magnify Your Marketability, we value the best community management practices and online branding. So in honour of the Shorty Awards, I’d like to recognize a few of my own personal favourites!

1) WestJet
I’m sure everyone remembers the WestJet Christmas commercial. What a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit and show value for WestJet customers! WestJet frequently tweets about flight information, sales, and delays both in English and in French for better reach to their customers across the country.


2) Skittles The best part about the Skittles community management is that they embrace being unusual. They know they’re weird, but that’s part of the appeal! Comedy is a great way to gain followers, especially for a candy brand.


3) Western University Shoutout to my alma mater! I’m not being biased; I am constantly impressed by Western’s engagement with its students across all of their social media platforms. The community management team is very responsive to student inquiries and comments about what is happening around campus and the London area.
4) Charmin Charmin’s community management is hilarious. They are a toilet paper brand, and are certainly not shy about it. They have also developed an app and website that helps users find public washrooms. Look out for their hilarious tweets and hashtags!


5) Chipotle
Chipotle has had an interesting year for community management! First, they faked a Twitter hack for their 20th anniversary campaign––many people were confused by this approach, but it least it got us talking about Chipotle! Second, they created their video campaign about factory farming and eating local called “The Scarecrow” and built a gaming app to match. I’m looking forward to see what Chipotle does next!

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