[Webinar] How to Differentiate as a Top Candidate in Sales
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Taking time to strategize how to stand out from your competition is important in today’s competitive job market. Having a strong personal brand is essential as you can apply the essence of who you are and your unique value consistently across your resume, LinkedIn profile and in your interviews to become more marketable and memorable.

I created and delivered my first training webinar on How to Differentiate as a Top Sales Candidate in collaboration with Ideal, an online job-matching platform for sales people. It was a great success as it reached max capacity with 250 registered! I thoroughly enjoyed delivering this training and look forward doing more.

In this webinar, I shared tons of valuable tips and advice that will help you showcase the best version of yourself. Even if you don’t have a career in sales, there are a lot of great nuggets that can be applied to any profession. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 1:51 – The signs of high potential talent
  • 4:08 –What makes a great sales candidate
  • 5:21 – How sales candidates are evaluated
  • 8:22 – What makes a memorable personal brand
  • 11:30 – How to develop a personal brand
  • 14:55 – What makes a LinkedIn profile stand out
  • 21:05 – How to create a remarkable resume
  • 23:13 – Common interview mistakes
  • 27:43 – How to differentiate in interviews
  • 29:31 – Common types of sales interview questions

To watch the webinar, click on the video below:

I also answered some questions from the participants at the end of the training:

  • 0:40 – How to be clear and concise?
  • 1:10 – How should I answer “What is my weakness”?
  • 2:00 – How should I answer “Tell me about yourself””
  • 4:13 – Could you describe the catchy LinkedIn tagline tip?
  • 6:05 – What do you recommend people without sales experience in creating their resume and preparing for their interviews?
  • 8:27 – How would I know if I’m the top 1 – 5% sales performer at the company?
  • 9:02 – Would you recommend to hire a professional writer?
  • 10:05 – What’s your vide on employers lacking the background to appreciate the talent before them?
  • 11:16 – Are there any tips getting hired at a start-up company?
  • 13:04 – How can one get the attention when the hiring person lacks the experience to understand the candidate’s background?
  • 14:08 – How would you answer the interview question “how large is your rolodex?”
  • 15:36 – How do you recommend balancing a sales person LinkedIn profile between outline one’s achievements and to communicate with your prospective clients?

View the presentation on slideshare:


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Diana YK Chan

Diana YK Chan

Diana is a former Recruiter turned Career Coach, Speaker and Trainer at My Marketability. She helps ambitious professionals and executives design the next chapter of their life, navigate transformational changes, and land incredible opportunities with a higher income. She’s an expert at distinguishing people’s unique brand value, mastering their messages and networking with confidence to gain a competitive edge. She’s recognized by JobScan as one of the Top 10 Job Search Experts to follow on LinkedIn.