[Webinar] Resumes That Get Interviews: 2 Experts Weigh In
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Undeniably one of the most important job search documents, resumes pay a huge contribution to the likelihood of getting hired. An ordinary resume won’t get much attention, a good resume can get you a job interview, but a GREAT resume can get you the job offer!

Writing a resume like that can be kind of tricky though. So recently, my friend Kamara Toffolo and I collaborated to deliver a webinar on Resumes that Get Interviews, for job seekers who want to craft their own killer resume and conquer the job market!

A little info about Kamara…

Kamara is an exceptionally skilled resume writer and LinkedIn expert. Her skills in writing have brought her work to popular websites like Forbes, Business Insider, Mashable, and the Muse.

Aside from having her work on top content sites, Kamara has crafted countless resumes and LinkedIn profiles that are definitely not the typical resume/LinkedIn profile. Her work doesn’t only highlight a job seeker’s strengths and accomplishments, but they also honor their unique journeys and stories!

After just a few weeks of working with her, people start getting calls for job interviews!

Find out more about Kamara here!

Resumes that Get Interviews Webinar Recording

Hosting this webinar with Kamara was definitely a great experience both for us and those who attended. It was awesome that we were able to deliver two sorts of resume-writing perspectives and advice, specifically from a Recruiter (that’s me) and from a kickass writer (Kamara)!

If you want to go over the webinar, check out the recording and the following guide to make it easier for you to find the topics you want to hear about the most:

  • 5:44 – What Recruiters Love to See & the L.E.A.P. Formula
  • 13:52 – Resume Red Flags
  • 19:36 – R.A.R.E. Resume Formula
  • 27:26 – Effective Resume Writing Strategies
  • 32:12 – Knowing Target-Employer Metrics
  • 42:38 – Impact Statement Examples
  • 47:14 – What Not to Do
  • 53:47 – 7 Top Resume Formatting Tips
  • 58:12 – Suggested Structure
  • 1:04:28 – How to Address Common Resume Concerns
    • 1:04:42 – Not enough experience
    • 1:07:50 – Too much experience | Long work history
    • 1:09:28 – Employment Gaps | Personal Leaves | Returning to school
    • 1:10:56 – Career Changes
    • 1:14:53 – Resume doesn’t stand out/isn’t modern/isn’t fresh/is boring
    • 1:18:17 – Being too wordy
    • 1:19:45 – Relocation/Immigration

Watch the webinar below:


Your Resume Challenge!

After watching our webinar you might already be eager to start writing your killer resume. If that’s the case, here’s a challenge to help you get started!

  1. Create an ongoing working document to track your experience so you have something you can refer to from time to time when you’re creating or updating your resume.
  2. Conduct a quarterly and yearly review of your professional accomplishments, reflect on what you’ve done or how you added value in your career. Get feedback as well from your manager on how you’ve performed so you have an idea how to write a resume that highlights your best points. I even recommend updating your resume every year.
  3. Turn your resume into a marketing document that features your unique strengths, skills, and successes by applying all the tips and techniques you learned in the webinar to turn a history-based resume into a marketing-focused resume!

Kamara and I definitely had a lot of fun hosting this webinar, and we hope those who attended had fun and learned a lot as well. You can expect more webinars for enhancing job searches from us, just keep posted!

If you want to share some of your feedback or your own resume tips, feel free to comment below!

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Diana YK Chan

Diana YK Chan

Diana is a former Recruiter turned Career Coach, Speaker and Trainer at My Marketability. She helps ambitious professionals and executives design the next chapter of their life, navigate transformational changes, and land incredible opportunities with a higher income. She’s an expert at distinguishing people’s unique brand value, mastering their messages and networking with confidence to gain a competitive edge. She’s recognized by JobScan as one of the Top 10 Job Search Experts to follow on LinkedIn.