We put so much time and effort into marketing products, services,  brands, programs, apps… but we forget to invest in learning how to market ourselves.

So many of my clients come to me asking how they can market themselves to potential employers or pitch their skills to recruiters. We’ve all had our fair share of anxiety before interviews and networking events, and what it comes down to is discomfort. People are uncomfortable selling themselves because they are afraid.

They’re afraid that they’ll be judged negatively.

They’re afraid that they’re not good enough or smart enough.

They’re afraid that they’ll be perceived as arrogant.

This fear holds them back from conquering their limiting beliefs and shining in networking, interview, or meeting scenarios where they need to market themselves to succeed.

Here are some tips to help you market yourself compellingly so that you can make an impact:

1) Change your perspective

This is for those who feel themselves being held back by fear. A common concern that I hear is that many people are afraid that their marketing pitch will come across as too ‘salesy’. My top tip: instead of thinking of the 4-letter word SELL yourself, think of the 4-letter word HELP. How can you help your employer or networking partner?

When you take the perspective that your experience and marketing pitch isn’t just selling yourself, it’s conveying what types of problems you can solve and the value you can add to others, you may find that you’re more comfortable talking about yourself.

2) Own your greatness

Arrogance is confidence without anything to back it up. You are an accomplished professional who has done amazing things in your career, but you’re going to get nowhere fast if you don’t own your unique value.

I challenge you to create a 30 second and 2 minute elevator pitch that conveys your passions and three of the accomplishments you’re most proud of. When it’s written, practice it in front of the mirror until it feels natural. Then, practice in front of your friends and family to get feedback. Don’t know how to write an elevator pitch? Head over to my blog post on powerful pitching!

3) Define what makes you different

You don’t get hired into a new job because you’re like everyone else. To market yourself well, you have to have a differentiating factor that makes you stand apart from the crowd and catches attention. I recommend taking the time to sit down and think about what this is. Coming up with 2-3 unique selling points and repeating them in your mind will help keep your marketing pitch stay consistent and be impactful every time you say it. Do you have a unique career background? Do you have a combination of credentials that’s rare? How can you solve problems better than everyone else? These are all unique selling points that are so important to highlight.

What are some tactics you use when marketing yourself? What advice would you give to others who are planning their pitches? Let me know in the comments section!