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Uninspiring job application content can put your interview chances at risk before you even meet your potential employer.

your resume never pushes through

Maybe you’ve been sending your resume to numerous companies but it never pushes through the interview phase. Or you may have been to several networking events, but for some reason you’re not getting referred anywhere.

You know you’re a wonderful candidate, but somehow it’s just not translating into your content to make you shine. You’re not sure how to market yourself as the ideal candidate.

If that’s the case, you can have your content professionally written to bring out your star qualities and impress on paper! Let your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch reflect your marketability and help you stand out as top talent.


You wouldn’t want to put your skills and talent to waste.

There is a lot of truth in the phrase first impressions last – especially when applying for a job!

People can judge if you’re a good fit for their company the moment they see you, whether in paper (resume and cover letter), online (LinkedIn profile), or in person (elevator pitch)!

In order to make a lasting (positive) impression, your content needs to radiate who you are, what you have to offer, and how you can give value to your target companies or your network. Simply put: Your content needs to shine.

Boost your chances for not just getting the interview – but the job!

If you’re seeking a comprehensive overhaul of your content, you’re in the right place! My Marketability’s writing services will help you stand out as a top candidate.

We have written for a diverse group of job seekers, from sales and marketing professionals to C-level executives.

We have helped people get hired into top companies with increased salaries and get accepted to top schools with 5-figure scholarships!

Have your job search materials writen by a pro

You will work with Diana and a professional writer who has extensive experience creating marketable content. We will help you re-define the way you write about yourself by transforming your content so that it conveys all that you have to offer and sets you up for success.

You’ll receive compelling and consistent content, you’ll feel proud and confident in promoting yourself, and as a result, you’ll be more proactive while networking and applying for jobs!

When you select the package that fits with your goals, you’ll receive an introductory email to fill out a questionnaire about your experience and goals. We’ll also schedule your discovery meeting with Diana.

After this meeting, Diana will work with the writer and editor to transform your documents. You will receive your new content within 10 business days for feedback! You’ll get 2 rounds of edits. The whole team at My Marketability will work closely with you to ensure that your story is told concisely, compellingly, and accurately.

This is your go-to service if you’re a job seeker or in career transition. After a 90-minute, in-depth discovery meeting to get a clear understanding of your personality, accomplishments, and goals, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A competitive, branded and formatted résumé with relevant keywords
  • A tailored cover letter that will get you noticed by employers
  • A compelling elevator pitch that you can use for networking and interviews
  • An optimized LinkedIn profile
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions on new content

In addition, after you received your final edited documents, we’ll have another 45-minute session to strategize your job search and networking game plan. This will help you accelerate your success with a tailored approach to generating opportunities and job interviews.

Why should your job search content be done professionally?

What difference does it make if you have them done by our team?

To answer that, here are just some of the benefits you get from working with us!

number-1The whole content creation process will be overseen by a professional Recruiter & Career Coach who has reviewed over thousands of resumes and done just as much interviews (that’s me!)
number-2A professional writer who’s been featured in the media will be writing your content in a bold and catchy manner or in a way that captures your personality and effectively translates your skills and talents in writing.
number-3Your content will even be reviewed by a professional editor!

A career coach, writer, and editor – that’s three skilled professionals working on perfecting your job search content!

Choose from a selection of packages, each with their own special bonuses!

Rockin’ Resumes & Captivating Cover Letters – $1000

Get a professionally written resume and cover letter! Have two of your crucial job search and networking documents crafted to perfection for you to catch attention.

BONUS: You also get the added bonus of an online Network to Get Work course which costs $97 alone, but you can get it for free with this package. After receiving your perfected resume and cover letter, this course will help you with tips, advice, and tactics for smooth networking and tactics that will help you impress everyone you meet and encourage them to refer you to job opportunities!

Legendary LinkedIn Profiles – $1000

Encourage recruiters, hiring managers, and employers to connect with you online through an impressive LinkedIn profile! Have your skills, achievements, and background strategically written to reel in connections and opportunities.

BONUS: This comes with the online Leveraging LinkedIn course – a $97 BONUS! With your awesome LinkedIn profile, you can use the lessons from the online course to make the most out of LinkedIn by learning how to use it for research, connecting with recruiters and hiring managers, and further building your network!

All-In Job Search Ready Content – $1500 (MOST POPULAR!)

Get the whole package to have your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch professionally written for optimal job search success! Become the ideal candidate on paper, online, and in person.

BONUS: You get BOTH the Networking and LinkedIn online courses. Be 100% ready to conquer the job market with all your materials at hand: a resume, cover letter, elevator pitch, LinkedIn profile, and two FREE courses on effective Networking and using LinkedIn to your advantage!

NOTE: If you’re at the Executive level (VP level and above), there is an additional fee of $300.

Have professionally written job search content and knock your potential employers off their feet


Interested in getting your job-search content branded by a professional?


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