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A High-Impact Program that Combines Career Clarity Coaching, Convenient Online Training,
and Confidence-Boosting Job Search Mentoring with former Google Recruiter

Diana YK Chan

Are you uncertain about your career direction and how to
land the job you’ve always wanted?

You feel lost, confused, frustrated and stressed.

Looking for a job has been tough and discouraging. You’re stuck wondering what you’re doing wrong and why you’re not getting interviews.

With your confidence waning, you’re tapped for ideas on how to promote yourself and get noticed.

You might already have a job but you’re plagued with feelings of unhappiness, lack of motivation, and absence of fulfillment. The job is turning into ‘just a job’. Every day you’re running on autopilot. Stagnation, boredom, and exhaustion are constant reminders that challenge is what you crave, and a new opportunity is what you need.

What would life be like if you had a more meaningful career
that challenges you and gives you the opportunity
to really make a difference?

It’s possible for you to feel alive, excited, and inspired again about work. It’s never too late.

There’s no shame in admitting you’ve hit a career slump. In fact, most of us are at some point. You just need to choose whether you’ll take action, brush yourself off, and move forward, or deny your feelings, and stay stuck in this rut.

Imagine this: You land your ideal job

You’re working at a great company and in a job that you’re passionate about.
You’re being paid well to do what you love.
You’re appreciated and valued by your boss and coworkers.
You’re growing, learning and thriving.

How does that feel? Who are you being?

You feel empowered, energized and engaged.
You’re being the best version of YOU. You’re happy!

You deserve a more meaningful career.
You are meant to do great things.
You have what it takes to succeed.


I’ve been in your shoes. Lost. Frustrated. Unhappy.


After experiencing rejections and lay-offs, I felt like a complete failure,
and wondered what was wrong with ME.

I was in a career slump earlier in my life too,
and I know how terrible it felt.

In my own job search, while completing my MBA, I was rejected dozens of times until I was finally hired by a top consulting firm.

I thought I had it all when I was in consulting. But the crazy-long hours eventually took the toll leaving me stressed and miserable. The work just wasn’t fulfilling. I yearned for something more meaningful.

So I took my career into my own hands. Redefined what success and happiness meant to me.


And I QUIT my job to pursue my DREAM!

I dove into a fantastic job as a Recruitment MBA Manager for one of the best business school’s in the world. I felt like this was finally my time to shine, generating $10M+ revenue for the school.

But I was blindsided with a layoff which left me feeling sad and confused. I wondered “why me?”

But I used this as the spark to start my own career coaching business. And as luck would have it, I was hired as Google Canada’s first and only recruiter.

These experiences have given me a unique perspective, and solidified my purpose, in helping my clients find their own meaningful work, and differentiate themselves as ideal candidates.

Right now, I’m doing what I love and making a difference in people’s lives. I lend a hand to those who have been through similar situations as mine, and even people who have gone through much worse.

I give them the push, similar to the one I gave myself years ago in hopes of helping them find happier and fulfilling careers.

I can help you pull yourself out of your career slump, and help you feel as if you were never in one in the first place!

Elevate your career and accelerate your job search success

with this 8-week comprehensive live group career coaching, online training and job search mentoring program.

Get everything you need to figure out your career direction and become job-search ready through this quick and easy program! Next class is January 29 to March 19, 2017.                       In this enriching program, you will get:

7 Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Every Sunday we will have coaching sessions to keep you on track and motivated. Plus there will be challenges and exercises to help you make progress and build your marketability. I will help you get into the right mindset, empower you to raise the bar, and provide you strategies and tools to succeed.

6 Online Courses with Instant Access

You will receive lifetime exclusive access to a private membership site where you can find 12 hours of valuable training content broken down into 24 modules.

You'll learn practical strategies, insights, tools and best practices in the form of videos, audios, presentation slides, worksheets and templates plus a 20+ page self-discovery workbook. Everything is also downloadable!

6 Weekly Q&A Office Hours

You can ask me anything at anytime in the online forum. I will also have dedicated office hours every Thursday where you can hop on a group call with me. This will be the perfect time to ask me about specific questions. You will receive personalized feedback for your own unique situation.

Access to Online Community for Accountability and Support

You’re never alone in your journey, not only will you be getting help from me, but you’ll also have a supportive group to share your struggles and wins with! It’s like being part of a team or family where you can get feedback and help. This is also great way to expand your network.

No matter your background, you’ll feel that the guidance you’ll receive from this program is holistic, relevant and ridiculously effective.

The 6 courses were carefully designed based on the proven


that has helped hundreds of clients differentiate themselves as high-potential talent, and get hired by top companies.

These courses will move you towards a successful job search and a fulfilling career:

stage 1

 Discover Your Essence

This is the first step to job search success, Self Discovery. Here we’ll be doing the inner work and reflect on everything about you. We’ll be identifying your passion, dreams, ideals, goals, and vision of success and happiness.

stage 2

Define Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding is all about maximizing what makes you unique and what separates you from the crowd. We’ll be identifying your core theme and marketable qualities.

stage 3

Develop Your Marketing Strategy and Plan

Master networking, resume writing, and LinkedIn optimization for job applications. You’ll learn how to create compelling marketing documents and come up with a game plan for your job search and networking.

stage 4

Deliver Your Message

Last, but definitely not the least, you’ll learn how to ace your interviews with confidence. You’ll create messages that are interesting, inspiring, and impressive. Here our focus is on polishing and mastering your messages to sell yourself effectively as the ideal candidate.

Here’s what you can expect to learn each week:

week 1

Get Clear on What’s Important to You, Who You Are, and What You Want

During the first week we’ll focus on building your foundation through self discovery. We’ll talk about who you are, what you want in your career, identify your priorities and goals to build a clearer path towards job search success.

The Self-Discovery Course (80 mins) is the key starting point of your career and job search success. In each module you will learn:

  • module 1
  • module 2
  • module 3

Introduction to Self Discovery

  • Why self-discovery is important
  • How self-discovery can help you plan your career path and job search

week 1

Identify Your Authentic Personal Brand
and What Makes You Marketable

After building your foundation, the next focus is your personal brand. We’ll identify your unique selling points and turn them into more than just selling points, but your own personal brand. Together we’ll come up with the best way to sell yourself to employers!

In the Personal Branding Course (60 mins), you’ll receive the following modules to further guide you into building your personal brand:

  • module 1
  • module 2
  • module 3

The Power of Personal Branding

  • What is a personal brand and why it’s important
  • Benefits of personal branding
  • How famous brands stand out and what you can learn from them

week 1

Develop Your All-Star Resume

It all starts with the resume. These seemingly simple pieces of paper are all it takes for an employer to decide whether to call you or just throw it into the “unqualified applicants” pile. Thus, for this week, we’ll be focusing on how to write your resume in a way that doesn’t just grab - but steals attention from employers. We’ll cover all-star resume strategies, resume dos and don’ts, and more. You’ll also receive feedback on your resume in a group setting.

In Resumes Course (75 mins), you will find all the formulas, tips, and tactics laid out in as such:

  • module 1
  • module 2
  • module 3
  • module 4

The Purpose of a Resume

  • The purpose of a resume and what it is really used for
  • What it means to create a marketable, employer-focused resume that positions you as a high-potential candidate
  • What a resume needs to communicate

week 4

Create Your Optimized LinkedIn Profile

This week is all about optimizing the world’s biggest professional online network - LinkedIn. It’s a powerful tool for your job search to network and get found. As a Recruiter, I use LinkedIn to find great candidates for employers all the time. We’ll cover its benefits, how to create a stellar profile, how to make the most out of LinkedIn, etc.

In the LinkedIn Course (75 mins), you will learn the following basics and advanced topics on LinkedIn:

  • module 1
  • module 2
  • module 3
  • module 4

The Power of LinkedIn

  • How LinkedIn is growing
  • The benefits of LinkedIn
  • Why and how recruiters use LinkedIn
  • What makes an impressive profile from Recruiters’ perspectives
  • Common profile mistakes to avoid

week 5

Create Your Job Search Strategy and
Networking Plan

This week we’ll shape yourself up to be presentable and highly hire-able everywhere you go and to whomever you talk to. I’ll cover topics on how to build your network, how to add value and nurture your network, and why networking is crucial when looking for a job.

In the Networking Course (90 mins), you will receive detailed training on the following:

  • module 1
  • module 2
  • module 3
  • module 4
  • MODULE 5

The Power of Networking

  • What is positive networking
  • What networking is not
  • Key aspects of positive networking
  • The A.B.C. Formula for networking

week 6

Master Your Interview Skills

This week is all about putting everything together to ace your interviews. I’ll help you get well prepared, polished and confident for your interviews.

In the in-depth Interviews Course (4 hours), you will learn what it takes to succeed and to even fail in an interview:

  • module 1
  • module 2
  • module 3
  • module 4
  • MODULE 5

Understanding the Interview Process and
the Employers’ Needs

  • What a typical interview process is like
  • The different types of interview questions
  • The top 10 qualities of an ideal candidate
  • Assessment criteria that most employers use
  • What recruiters and hiring managers look for in a candidate
  • The 4Cs of unsuccessful interviews

week 6

Implementation Week and Interview Prep

You have the 7th week off in order to implement everything you learned and prepare for the mock interviews.

week 8

Mock Interviews (group setting) and Q&A Support

This week goes deeper into mastering interviews as we reenact them and I evaluate you on your performance in the point-of-view of a potential employer. Everyone else in the group also gets to share their insights, opinions, and really help each other out.

This week is in a way like an “open forum” week where you can ask follow up questions or share experiences you have on the job search.

IN SUMMARY: I’ll be doing coaching calls every Sunday to kick off your week with motivation and empowerment. The rest of the week is completely yours to manage when doing the exercises and divulge in the content. You’ll have access to an online community where you can post questions or share your wins/struggles with your Career Boost classmates. I’ll also be available during office hours for Q&A throughout the week.

You can access your training materials at anytime, anywhere,
and from any device.


As an ambitious professional, we know that you have a busy life that you can’t put on hold. Our innovative, video-based training enables you to learn with ease and convenience, in the comfort of your own home or on the go. You can learn everything all at once, or go back to specific courses as you need to.

You’ll have access to ALL the courses once you enroll,
so if you want to work ahead on topics that haven’t been covered
on the coaching calls yet, you’re free to do so!

You will receive step-by-step guidance
throughout the process leaving you

You will be held accountable to get the work done. I’ll be there to help and guide you, but your success will all be in your hands!

The live group coaching calls will give you the clarity, confidence and courage to make bold moves. The online training courses will provide a strong foundation to learn about best practices and important frameworks and techniques to differentiate yourself as the ideal candidate to hire.

This program is a perfect blend of online training,
group coaching, and mentoring.

In this content-rich and comprehensive program, here’s what you can expect:

  • A carefully structured program:
    You will receive step-by-step guidance to help you stay focused and motivated to make a career change and land your ideal job.
  • Self-accountability:
    You will be mainly responsible for your growth and progress. You will be encouraged to get the work done.
  • A supportive community:
    You won’t be alone and there will always be other people where you can get insights and inspiration.
  • Instant access to the online training program:
    You can take the courses anytime and anywhere. You can download and review all the materials even after the program ends.
  • Access to Comprehensive Materials & Online Support: Receive successful job search concepts, frameworks, techniques and best practices. As well as have opportunities to ask questions and get specific and timely feedback.
  • Learn Self-Marketing Tactics: Increase your marketability and stand out from your competition by equipping yourself with the right self-marketing know-how!

​This program will help you get clear,
get confident and get noticed to get hired faster.

But first, why does the help have to come from me?
Why can’t you just read tips online or ask a friend who’s already in a good job?

I have coached, reviewed over 10,000 resumes, and interviewed thousands of applicants both as a Recruiter and a Career Coach. I understand what job seekers need to do or have in order to meet the standards of employers, and I understand what employers look for in candidates.

My experience also includes being a former Recruiter for Google, where I recruited for the top 2% of the talent in the market. I have also excelled as a Recruitment Manager for one of the world’s best MBA and Executive MBA programs.

Through my program you can reap these amazing benefits:

  • You can stop mucking around with your job search as you gain clarity in your career direction and roadmap
  • You’ll no longer be unsure of yourself because you’ll get a crystal clear image of who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer
  • You won’t be applying to jobs that are available ‘just because’ - I help you get super focused and roles and companies you want to go after
  • You won’t just be “that applicant with these qualities”, you’ll have your own unique personal brand
  • You won’t just be stating skills everyone else has, you’ll know what your unique selling points are and what makes you marketable
  • You’ll have a story that is interesting, inspiring and impressive to share
  • You’ll promote or enhance your qualifications by identifying relevant examples and stories

It’s efficient, quick, and easy - and it can get you hired in an average of 1-3 months!
You get an opportunity to differentiate yourself as top talent so you can
get hired faster and stay ahead of the fiercely competitive job search environment.

Why Group Coaching, though?

Being in a group you can get tons of feedback and insights from not just me, but your program classmates!
That way you have an abundance of different ideas, opinions, and advice from people of varying backgrounds, industries, and struggles.

Think of it as a way of building your network!

However, if you do want more personalized, 1-on-1 coaching, you can get that too!


The program saves you time, reduces your job search stress, gives you greater clarity and confidence.

What also makes this program one of kind is that it not only helps you figure out what
you want, it will help you become more marketable and generate more opportunities
that lead to multiple job offers faster.


You get what you pay for

After this program you’ll be capable of landing a job that pays 5 times more than what you spent for this program.

This is an investment that pays for itself!

You can pay in  

4 Payments of $299 CAD


Save $199 with one-time Payment of $997 CAD


In addition, you will receive the following BONUSES:

  • Resume assessment and feedback in groups (value of $450)
  • LinkedIn profile assessment and feedback in groups (value of $450)
  • Mock interviews in groups (value of $450)
  • Samples of some of the best resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and elevator pitches (priceless!)

If you’re still thinking about it, better think fast!

There are only 24 spots available and if you miss out now, you’ll have to wait until fall 2017 to be part of this program!

Want more time with me and
1-on-1 support?

Level up your coaching program and receive deeper and more personalized support and work with me 1-on-1! Ask me questions you feel uncomfortable sharing in the group coaching, and get more specific and targeted feedback.


Upgrade to the PERSONAL CARE PACKAGE (value of $2,500) and get:

  • Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions (value of $1400):

    - 1 clarity and branding session (90 mins)
    - 1 job search strategy session (60 mins)
    - 1 mock interview session (60 mins)
  • Specific resume edits and feedback (value of $150)
  • Specific LinkedIn profile assessment and feedback (value of $150)
  • Direct email support for 120 days (value of $800)





I’ve worked with over 500 clients to discover a meaningful career and land amazing job opportunities.

Here’s what they have to say:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I hired Diana to help change my career.

​Diana helped me really understand my capabilities and value I could offer a future employer. Diana’s coaching also forced me to look inwards and do some serious self-reflection. The other piece was helping me polish up my resume, cover letters, my story and my message. I had 20 years of sales experience in the technology industry. After working with Diana, I successfully made a transition into the financial services industry and changed professions into procurement!

- Bernie, MBA, Procurement Manager at TD Bank

Having a Career Coach is the best investment you’ll make!

Get My Marketability’s help for your career development and job search! After working with Diana, I received 14 interviews and 5 job offers.

- Sean, Software Engineer at Google
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I received an amazing job offer with over an 80% increase in salary!

I definitely made the right choice hiring Diana as my Career Coach. What I loved about her was the confidence that she exuded. I just thought that anyone who’s like this is someone I want to work with. In our lives, we run into a lot of naysayers who prevent us from embracing our confidence. It was so helpful to have her motivating me, helping me realize my value, and giving me practical strategies to make sure I got the job I deserved. I highly recommend My Marketability’s career coaching services to others!

Shoshanna, Executive Director at a Non-profit organization in the U.S

My Marketability’s job search coaching played a pivotal role in helping me reach my career goals!

The new skills I developed not only helped my interview skills but also with many aspects of my professional career. At the end, I landed a fantastic sales opportunity!

- Jimmy, Account Manager at Expedia
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Diana is an empowering and motivating coach ...

I had the opportunity to work with Diana at a time in my life when I was looking for a change, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was I wanted next in my career and in life. I realized I needed help getting clarity and that’s exactly what Diana helped me with through her life & career coaching sessions. Diana is an empowering and motivating coach, who possesses a fully stocked toolbox of coaching strategies, which she customizes to help her clients reach their individual goals. We spent a lot of time on self-reflection to get crystal clear on what my strengths, values, goals and passions were. Then, we put a plan of action together and Diana helped me hone the technical skills I needed to achieve my career goals successfully. What sets Diana apart is the breadth of real-world experience she’s accumulated, which allows her to provide high quality end-to-end coaching to her clients. Most importantly, Diana always made me feel she was on my team by encouraging me and pushing me to realize my greatness.

- Louise, MBA, Consultant at Deloitte

Not sure if it’s worth every penny that you’ll spend?

Afraid you’ll be putting your money to waste if you can’t commit
and attend all the live calls?

All the coaching calls will be recorded, so if you miss out - no worries!

You can download and watch or listen to the recordings anytime you’re available. If you are fully committed to boosting your career and improving your job search performance, you can definitely be committed enough to participate in the program. Whether you’re able to attend the live calls or just catch up to the recordings, this program works with YOUR schedule.

Take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to be stuck searching for jobs forever?
  • Do I want to be stuck in this boring job that doesn’t make me into a better person?
  • Do I want to be stuck in an underpaying job, when I know I can definitely do better?
  • Do I want to just settle for what’s already there and not even attempt to reach higher places?
  • Do I want to miss out on opportunities that’ll really help me grow in my career?

If your answer is a big fat “NO!” to all of these, you have what it takes
to join me in my career coaching program!

If you’re still not convinced, ask yourself this:

Would you rather make a one-time investment in a program that can potentially deliver career opportunities that are both well-paying, and what you’ve always wanted? Or do you want to keep spending your time sending resumes everywhere and wondering why you’re never being called back?

Did you know that on average it takes a job seeker about 6 months to find a job? If you’re unemployed, that’s an average income loss of over $20,000! That is simply too much money being put to waste, and I’m here to help you so you don’t have to lose that much.

Would you rather spend 6 months looking for a job or 8 weeks at a program
that gets you several opportunities in 1-3 months?

I can help you save time, reduce your stress
and minimize your income loss!

Take a proactive approach with your job search today!


To anyone who is driven to do better, who wants to find work that
is challenging and excites them everyday, who wants to maximize their potential and be paid well for it:

this program is for you!

This program is for you if:

  • You want to take bigger steps in your career
  • You have been unemployed for a while and you are not sure why no one is calling you back
  • You quit your old job because you didn’t feel satisfied or fulfilled with it
  • You are eager to learn about how to differentiate yourself
  • You are new to the job market
  • You haven’t gone for an interview in a while
  • You feel uncomfortable or awkward in selling yourself
  • You want to increase your confidence
  • You want to increase your market value and earn more
  • You want to land a job that you love!

This Program is not for you if:

  • You just take training but don’t take action
  • You do not take responsibility for your actions and results in life
  • You aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to do the work
  • You just wish that a job will be handed to you
  • You are the type of person who doesn’t follow through
I’ve helped clients go from receiving zero calls or interviews for months to receiving 4 or 5 in only one week after taking my program!

Since 2011, over 500 professionals and job seekers from around the world have come to me to receive
1-on-1 help. I’ve worked with clients on all levels from new grads to C-level professionals coming from over 20 industries and professions.

I’ve helped people get hired by top companies and into competitive roles in record time. My passion to help is limitless. I have assisted clients who relocated overseas and changed their careers, get 5-figure signing bonuses, and negotiate salaries for more than 80% of what they earned before.

I believe you have the talent, skills and what it takes to succeed.

I believe in YOU.

I want to help you own your greatness with confidence.

I’m here to guide you with a clear roadmap on how to differentiate yourself as the ideal candidate to hire, and land an amazing job and make an impact in this world!

Work with me and you’ll benefit from my diverse experience:

  • Recruiting, coaching, and training leaders at top organizations like Google, Accenture, TELUS, and Bell
  • Creating and refining proven training methodologies that have impacted thousands of lives and provided professionals with the tools they need to achieve their goals
  • Helping diverse clients from students to C-level executives obtain fulfilling roles in a variety of industries including Consulting, Investment Banking, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, CPG, Retail, Medicine, Law, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Engineering, and more.

I have a passion for helping my clients succeed
in their careers - and they can attest to the
effectiveness of my methods!

I’ve helped people go from:

  • Unsatisfying careers to meaningful careers
  • Being in dead-end jobs to ideal jobs
  • Getting zero calls to multiple job offers
  • Being underpaid to getting an 80% salary increase and 5-figure signing bonuses

When you invest in a program like this, you are positioning yourself to get hired faster and launch an awesome career.
Through your commitment and my expertise,
you’ll become crystal clear on who you are, what you want,
and what makes you remarkable.

Here are some of the top companies where my clients have been hired:

Here are some client case studies:

Ron was working in Human Capital Consulting in London, England, which was fine but the problem was he wanted to be closer to his partner who lived in Toronto, Canada. After applying for jobs for a year, he still didn’t make much progress with getting interviews and he was not closer to being with his partner. Once he joined the program, we worked on his job search strategy and optimizing his LinkedIn profile. He applied to only one job and he landed an amazing consulting opportunity with Deloitte within 2 months working together.

Although having completed an MBA in Spain, Adam wasn’t sure how he can get noticed and break into the consumer industry when he decided to move back to Toronto for a Marketing career in the consumer packaged goods industry. During our first coaching session, we discovered that his personality and strengths were more suited to a sales job opportunity. We worked on transforming his resume and mastering his interview skills. Within a month, he was offered an amazing sales opportunity with SAS.

Cindy was having trouble getting interview opportunities when she wanted to make a change and move from the agency side to a top consumer packaged goods company in Marketing. She re-hired us and we worked on her resume, networking strategy and interview preparation to improve her marketability. She landed her ideal company to work for at Nestle in Marketing.

Helen in Tech Marketing wondered whether she should seek external opportunities. She wanted to evaluate her options and gain clarity on her career direction and personal brand. We went on a self-discovery deep dive that helped her come up a strong personal brand. We also increased her marketability by updating her resume and LinkedIn profile that led her to getting found by a Recruiter on LinkedIn. We strategized and practiced for her interviews. She received an amazing opportunity with Apple in Business Development.

Before Stacy started working with me she was in Consulting and was unhappy, she felt as if her job didn’t leverage her strengths in training and facilitation enough. When she was laid off, she sought out help to manage her career transition. We worked on identifying her unique strengths and competitive advantage. We also came up with a networking strategy to tap into the hidden job market. Within 6 weeks, she received two offers and she landed her ideal job as a Master Facilitator.

The truth is people do get results faster working with me
than they would on their own.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the program within the first 30 days and you aren’t getting value or results by implementing what you learned, we’ll refund your money.


Still have a few questions on your mind making you think twice about my program? 

Maybe these answers will help.

Is this program for me? Have you helped people like me?

 When does the program start? When are the live calls?

What’s my time commitment?

Can I start taking the online training courses first before the group coaching starts?

Why do I need one-on-one coaching by the hour?

I’m not sure if this program is right for me, do you offer consultations?

What types of industries and professions do your clients come from?

Do you coach professionals outside of Canada?

Will my information be kept confidential?

How long does it take to land a job?

What’s your success rate?