Career uncertainty can get ugly sometimes

Are you unsatisfied with where you’re at, what you’re doing and how you’re living?

Or do you find yourself feeling bored, unmotivated, lost or even stressed?

Tell me, which of these situations relates to you the most?

The Uncertain Professional

You’re no longer sure what you want to do with your life or if you want to continue with what you’re doing now. You want to change professions but you don’t know where to start, and you’re scared of ultimately making the wrong decisions and regretting ever leaving in the first place.

Maybe you want to align your passion with a career that makes you happy and even pays well, but you’re stuck with how you’re supposed to do that. You want change and you want it now, but you keep asking yourself: “what am I supposed to do?”

The Doubting Returnee

You’ve been unemployed for a while but you’re itching to get back in the game and find a job you can call a “keeper”. However, you feel rusty and unsure how you’re supposed to approach the job market now that it’s changed since the last time you were out looking for a job.

You want to gain your confidence back so you can jump into the market without fear of being outshined by potentially younger and fresher talent. You want to be sure of yourself again, you want to be THE chosen candidate.

The Eager Fresh Grad

College is now just another closed chapter and now you’re in the real world facing your first real-world challenge: where are you going to work? With the sheer number of companies, industries and job opportunities available, the job market may seem like a confusing and maybe even intimidating place.

However, sitting around moping about what you want to do and how to get started is not an option for you. You want to throw yourself out there, but you also want to take sure steps to prevent yourself from making too many costly mistakes.

You can find the light at the end of the tunnel

Are you going to continue heading down a dark tunnel, or are you going to fix up your headlights so you can finally see what’s ahead of you?

I’m not going to lie, job searches and career transitions are difficult, even more so these days as business and companies are becoming more competitive than ever. However, no challenge is unsurpassable.

You just need to fix your headlights to lighten up your path down a dark tunnel!


I’ve been through rough patches in my career as well. I’ve faced dozens of rejections, been laid off, was unhappy with my job and seeking change. I wanted to find a more meaningful career, and eventually, after picking up the pieces and learning rather than sulking from my experiences, I ended up doing what I LOVE.

I’m pursuing my passion with the career coaching business I built, I’m making a difference and helping people who have been in a similar or an even worse situation than mine. I will empower you to believe in yourself like I pushed myself to do so years ago.

I guide job seekers from different walks of life with their own unique career dreams and show them the road they need to take to achieve that.

I took my success into my own hands, and you can do the same too!

Take your career success into your own hands & accelerate your career with this self-learning program!

Sign up for instant access to The Get Hired Essentials Program! Gain access to a waterhole of information such as marketing strategies, job success concepts, personal branding frameworks and more to rev up your career.

This comprehensive program holds 12 hours of content broken down into 24 modules in the form of videos, audios, presentation slides, worksheets, and templates! All of these were built from the proven Magnify Your Marketability method, a framework unique only to My Marketability programs which entails these concepts of making a positive and groundbreaking career transition:



2. Define

Your Personal Brand

3. Develop

Your Marketing Strategy

4. Deliver


Gain exclusive access to easy-to-understand and most importantly easy-to-action job search success materials and worksheets!

Upon signing up, you’ll receive an email containing your own personal password you’ll use along with your email to access all the materials in a private membership site.

Our innovative, video-based training enables you to learn with ease and convenience, in the comfort of your own home or on the go. You can access your training materials at anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Additionally, everything is downloadable and your access will last a LIFETIME – you won’t be cut off from this program even when you’re finished!


In summary, you will be working on the following key elements of a successful job search:

  • Your story/elevator pitch
  • Your job search strategy & tactics
  • Your networking plan
  • Your communication messages
  • Your personal brand
  • Your resume
  • Your LinkedIn profile and how to use it for your job search
  • Preparing for interviews

Lastly, because it’s a self-learning program, you can work on and complete this program at your own steady pace! Whether you want to go through this module after module to get to conquering the job market or you want to take things slow in order to fully digest all the materials and activities – it’s completely up to you!


dividerI created this comprehensive self-learning program out of my experience as a recruiter – and I didn’t want anyone to stay in the unpleasant experience of career dissatisfaction like I did!divider

My years of experience working as a recruiter for Google and Ivey Business school has allowed me to shape an image of what exactly makes an ideal job candidate. It made me clearly see what employers always look for in an ideal candidate.

Reviewing thousands of resumes and doing thousands of interviews has also given me insight on what candidates often lack to impress potential employers. It helped me build a framework to help mold and shape job seekers into top talent.

I’m giving you access to this framework, or rather, a whole comprehensive self-learning program to help you get hired faster and land an awesome career!

Here is the outline of the program to give you an idea of what’s covered:


The Self-Discovery Course (80 mins) is the key starting point of your career and job search success. In each module you will learn:

Module 1: Introduction to Self Discovery

  • Why self-discovery is important
  • How self-discovery can help you plan your career path and job search

Module 2: How to Discover Your Essence

  • Learn the D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. Your Essence Formula to understand what matters to you
  • Gain clarity on who you are and what you want so you can then use that information for your career planning and job search

Module 3: Turning Your Insights Into Action

  • Translate your self-discovery results into your life
  • Prioritize what to focus on in the near future
  • Create an action plan to help you jump-start your job search


In the Personal Branding Course (60 mins), you’ll receive the following modules to further guide you into building your personal brand:

Module 1: The Power of Personal Branding

  • What is a personal brand and why it’s important
  • Benefits of personal branding
  • How famous brands stand out and what you can learn from them

Module 2: How to Develop Your Personal Brand

  • The secret to developing a personal brand that will resonate with target employers
  • The 5 Ps Framework: a comprehensive step-by-step method to help you develop a clear personal brand
  • How to create your unique selling points
  • How to develop a strong personal branding statement

Module 3: How to Promote and Sustain Your Brand

  • The importance of promoting your brand
  • 3 Cs principles to promote your brand effectively
  • 5 strategies to help you promote your brand
  • 5 important online branding tips
  • 3 common branding mistakes to avoid
  • 8 guiding principles to help you sustain your brand


In Resumes Course (75 mins), you will find all the formulas, tips, and tactics laid out in as such:

Module 1: The Purpose of a Resume

  • The purpose of a resume and what it is really used for
  • What it means to create a marketable, employer-focused resume that positions you as a high-potential candidate
  • What a resume needs to communicate

Module 2: Resumes from Recruiters’ Perspectives

  • Learn what recruiters look for in resumes
  • Find out what to include in your resume by using the L.E.A.P. formula
  • Understand top red flags and common resume mistakes to avoid
  • Discover how the Applicant Tracking System works

Module 3: How to Write an All-Star Resume

  • Transform your resume into a marketing tool with the R.A.R.E. resume formula
  • Choose which details to include and exclude
  • Craft and write impactful resume statements

Module 4: How to Differentiate Your Resume

  • Avoid top resume formatting mistakes
  • Structure your resume so that it gives the impression that you’re the ideal candidate
  • Differentiate your resume using modern, online tools
  • Get your resume noticed


In the LinkedIn Course (75 mins), you will learn the following basics and advanced topics on LinkedIn:

Module 1: The Power of LinkedIn

  • How LinkedIn is growing
  • The benefits of LinkedIn
  • Why and how recruiters use LinkedIn
  • What makes an impressive profile from Recruiters’ perspectives
  • Common profile mistakes to avoid

Module 2: How to Create a Marketable Profile

  • Create a 100% complete profile and increase your visibility
  • Optimize each section of your profile
  • Craft compelling taglines, summaries, and descriptions of your professional experience
  • Develop a powerful branded profile that conveys credibility and makes other people want to connect with you

Module 3: How to Use LinkedIn Settings

  • Navigate and make the most of your LinkedIn profile
  • Be discreet online to make sure your reputation isn’t damaged
  • Change what other people see when they look at your profile
  • Control what type of updates you receive

Module 4: How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Job Search

  • Navigate and make the most of your LinkedIn profile
  • Be discreet online to make sure your reputation isn’t damaged
  • Change what other people see when they look at your profile
  • Control what type of updates you receive


In the Networking Course (90 mins), you will receive detailed training on the following:

Module 1: The Power of Networking

  • Why networking is important
  • What is positive networking
  • What networking is not
  • Key aspects of positive networking
  • The A.B.C. Formula for networking

Module 2: How to Develop a Networking Strategy

  • The 6 Cs Formula: A step-by-step guide to planning and developing a networking strategy to network effectively and efficiently

Module 3: How to Make an Impressive Introduction

  • What is a glowing introduction
  • How to develop an impressive elevator pitch that will grab attention
  • How to master your glowing introduction
  • The difference between an elevator pitch and your personal branding statement

Module 4: How to Connect Effectively

  • Network to C.O.N.N.E.C.T Formula: characteristics of accomplished connectors
  • Top 5 things you must do to connect effectively
  • Top networking don’ts

Module 5: How to Nurture Your Network

  • Networking Etiquette: When and how to follow-up with people who you just met to continue the conversation
  • 10 proven ways to add value and cultivate your network to ensure it keeps growing


In the in-depth Interviews Course (4 hours), you will learn what it takes to succeed and to even fail in an interview:

Module 1: Understanding the Interview Process and the Employers’ Needs

  • What a typical interview process is like
  • The different types of interview questions
  • The top 10 qualities of an ideal candidate
  • Assessment criteria that most employers use
  • What recruiters and hiring managers look for in a candidate
  • The 4Cs of unsuccessful interviews

Module 2: Preparing for Your Interview

  • Learn the R.E.Q.U.I.R.E.M.E.N.T.S Formula – a step-by-step framework that will teach you everything you need to know before your interview
  • Questions to ask to help you gain a comprehensive perspective of your targeted role, organization, and industry
  • How you can find and leverage this information to deliver compelling interview answers

Module 3: Delivering Impressive Interviews

  • Learn the I.M.P.R.E.S.S.I.V.E. Formula – what to say and do to in an interview to differentiate as top talent
  • How to respond to key questions that employers ask
  • How to demonstrate that you’re an amazing fit with the company, role, and department you want to join

Module 4: Conquering Interview Anxiety

  • The signs of interview anxiety and how it’s perceived by interviewers
  • How to get into the right state of mind to conquer interview anxiety
  • What to do when you get caught off guard in an interview
  • How to appear and feel confident prior and during the interview
  • Effective body language tips

Module 5: Tackling the Salary Negotiation

  • The negotiation mindset
  • When you should and shouldn’t negotiate
  • How to assess your negotiation power
  • What not to do
  • What to say when asked about salary expectation
  • 9-step salary negotiation preparation strategies
  • How to show up for a successful negotiation
  • How to respond to a low-ball offer


Use these materials to shape yourself up as top talent and get hired faster!

Once you have all the materials and guides what’s left is really for you to put them into action. Through these courses, you get to experience awesome benefits that include:

Gain Clarity

Discover who you are, what you want and what you have to offer. Align your values with your career direction. Find fulfillment.

Become More Confident

No more playing small. Own your greatness. Shift your mindset to attract opportunities and achieve your goals.

Create Powerful Messages

Master your elevator pitch, perfect your outreach messages, transform your resume, optimize your LinkedIn profile. Attract employers and increase your marketability.

Communicate with Influence

Tell your story compellingly to your target audience. Understand how to communicate with impact. Deliver persuasive interview answers, promote your personal brand, and network effectively.

Differentiate as the Ideal Candidate

Showcase your potential and unique value proposition. Position and prove yourself as the best candidate to hire.

Get Faster Results

Save time. Take control of your career. Fast-track your job search success. Learn the frameworks and strategies to get ahead and meet your goals and network effectively.


Make the investment in yourself to land a meaningful career that maximizes your skills and compensates you well for them!


Your Investment

3 payments of $299 CAD


Save $100 with one time payment of $797 CAD

FREE BONUS: Get 60 days of email coaching support to get your questions answered (value of $500)

If you have any specific questions or you feel a little lost and need some clarification, you can get email coaching support to set your path and accurately plot out your next steps! For 60 days, I’ll be available to you via email to give you the guidance and advice you need to further enhance your experience with the Get Hired Essentials program!



It’s not just about finding out what you want – it’s also about what you can do to GET TO WHERE YOU WANT with your career!

I’ve helped over 500 clients internationally in 20+ diverse professions and industries find the job they always wanted. The program has proven to provide job seekers with the kind of comprehensive support that helped them master their job search and accelerate their career.

This Get Hired Essentials Program has helped clients…

  • Get clear on what they want and take action towards achieving their career and life goals
  • Get hired into competitive roles at top companies in diverse industries
  • Change industries, switch professions or move overseas
  • Negotiate salary increases of up to 80%
  • Win scholarships to top business, law, and masters programs

If you want to put your career on the right track and take things into your own hands – this program is for you!

The Get Hired Essentials Program is for you if…

  • You can work efficiently when given the right materials and guides
  • You’re committed to making a change in your career
  • You want to push your career to the next level
  • You want a better, more fulfilling, and more meaningful job
  • You haven’t been having any luck with your applications
  • You just graduated and want to put a sure foot forward
  • You have the skills and talent but you can’t seem to find the right job that maximizes that
  • You feel as if you’re not appreciated or well-compensated at your current job
  • You’re not sure just how unique you are from other applicants
  • You want to deliver firmer, more confident self-marketing messages

By the end of this program – you’ll know what it takes to be the ideal candidate employers are looking for!

  • Your vision of your ideal career and life will be crystal clear.
  • You’ll stand out with your own personal brand.
  • You’ll have a stellar resume.
  • Your LinkedIn profile will be optimized for job success.
  • Your network will not just grow – but it’ll be well-nurtured to give you the opportunities you deserve.
  • Your interview delivery will be nothing short of excellent and impressive!


Here’s a demo video of how the membership site looks like:

The program is incredibly comprehensive – but if you just want to focus on one or two of the courses, that’s no problem!

Maybe you’re already great at interviews but need to sharpen your resume, or it’s just networking skills to lack, or personal branding. The whole program is a rich learning experience in itself, but what if you really just need only one or two of the lessons?

That’s easy! You can just purchase any of the individual courses below for as low as $97!


Get clear on what your goals are, who you are, what you have to offer and how to turn what you discovered into actionable career objectives.
I Want Career Clarity


Create your own unique personal brand, identify what makes you stand out as a top candidate and learn how you can market yourself according to your brand.
I Want a Personal Brand


Start impressing your potential employers on paper with an all-star resume! Learn how to write a resume that stands out and prompts employers to call you in.
I Want a Remarkable Resume


Use LinkedIn to your advantage! Learn how you can turn it into a crucial job search tool for research, network building, and generating opportunities, and build up your online job search strategy so you know what to do when connecting with recruiters and hiring managers!
I Want to Leverage LinkedIn


Amazing job opportunities often spur from referrals and introductions you can only have access to when you have a network! Develop an effective networking strategy and nurture your network for more job opportunities!
I Want to Network Effectively


Handle your interviews with clarity, confidence and conviction. Deliver messages and interview answers that inspire employers to hire you!
I Want to Be Impressive at Interviews


Have you helped someone like me?

I’ve helped fresh graduates, professionals in a career transition, people who have been unemployed and essentially, anyone looking for better career opportunities. I’ve also helped those who were unhappy with their current jobs, were lost in their own career path, underpaid, and really just wanted to turn their careers around.

They’re now more confident and sure of themselves, in jobs that make them happy and pays well, and are satisfied with their current career situation.

If all that sounds like you and that’s how you want to end up, then yes, I have helped people like you!

What’s your success rate?

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have worked with over 500 clients 1-on-1 and have a 90%+ success rate. I help people achieve job search success, but remember that YOU are the root of your own success. You will have all the advice, strategies, tips, tactics and concepts at your disposal, but you have to hold yourself accountable for your actions or what you do with all these materials. You need to have the commitment to make a change in yourself.

What if I want to get some 1-on-1 coaching during or after the program?

That’s no problem. You can get coaching by the hour sessions. We can cover anything related to your career, job search, personal brand, resume, networking, LinkedIn and interviews. Just send us an email and we’ll arrange a time to meet.

Want in on the entire program?

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