Which of these situations describe who you are during interviews?

Not Sure How to Get Back in the Game

It’s been too long a time since you’ve ever been interviewed for a job since you’ve been in the same old job or industry for a while and just decided to make a career change. Your interview skills are a little rusty and you’re not sure what interviewers ask these days and what you should say that’s relevant and makes an impact.

Amazing on Paper – But Not in Person

You have an amazing resume and you’ve been called in to do several interviews, but that’s just it. You’re still not getting the job offers. You’re not closing. You’re not being called back to actually take the job. It’s possible for you to be marketable on your resume or LinkedIn profile, but you might not be giving the right impression or vibe in person. Maybe you lack clarity, confidence or compelling messaging when you speak. Maybe you’re not aware how much impact your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice can have during an interview – all of that contributes to 93% of the impact you make during an interview, whereas words only make up for 7%.

Nothing but Nerves

You get anxious and overanalyze, which only stresses you out and gives you the tendency to be hard on yourself. Maybe you even have the tendency to try and memorize what you want to say, and fail to remember that this is an interview – not a recitation. Your anxiety might even just be the result of desperately wanting the job and lacking confidence. Interviewers can instantly sense your nerves and discomfort the moment they see you, and makes them think twice about your ability to do the job or be the right candidate. In short, you let your nerves get the best of you.

If you’ve been in this situation or if you have a completely different story altogether, we can come up with a strategy to turn it all around for the better!

When your interviews get in the way instead of paving your way towards landing a job…

It’s time to make a change.

Here’s the thing: interviews aren’t easy. But, you don’t have to go at it alone. You don’t have to stay up way too late the night before your interview working yourself up into a state of crippling anxiety.

We’ve all been that person. We’ve all rambled, had mind blanks, and said too many ‘ums’, ‘uhs’, and ‘ers’ to possibly be perceived as a coherent human being, never mind a successful candidate. We’re all scared that we’re going to trip up, say the wrong thing, or fail to make the impression we know we’re capable of.

Master your interview skills, close the deal, get the job.

You want to get back in the game with the right foot forward. You want to be as marketable in person as you are in your resume. You want to turn your interview anxiety into interview mastery.

The interview is the concluding last step towards getting that job – you’ve worked hard to get this far, and you wouldn’t want your effort to go to waste!

Take control of your interviews and deliver your messages with confidence and clarity. Impress and inspire your interviewers to choose you as THE IDEAL candidate to hire.

Master your interviews to take the job market by storm!

Shape up your interview skills for success through Interview Coaching!

Receive professional and expert help to gain the competitive edge and become the ideal candidate to hire! Find out what you’ve been lacking in your interviews and what you can do to overcome them all. Become well prepared, polished and confident for your interviews. Through Interview Coaching you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one feedback about your interview skills.

Interview Coaching

Here’s what you’ll benefit from Interview Coaching:

  1. Develop an interview strategy and game plan
  2. Identify your core theme, strengths and unique selling points
  3. Master your glowing introduction
  4. Create compelling stories, reasons and examples
  5. Structure and polish your interview answers
  6. Tailor your responses to the hiring need
  7. Be clear, concise, and convincing
  8. Show up with confidence and certainty
  9. Convey why you are the ideal candidate to hire
  10. Have a positive and winning mindset

With our experience in working with hundreds of clients in interview coaching, we have found that a minimum of 3 interview coaching and training sessions is needed in getting you well prepared and polished for your interviews.

Below is what you can expect to gain from each session:

  • Discussion of your story, background, achievements, and values
  • Development of an interview strategy tailored to your strengths and competitive edge
  • Assessment of your effectiveness in your body language, tone of voice and content
  • Overview of key points to keep in mind during the interview
  • Comprehensive mock interview practice with direct and honest feedback
  • Mastering your glowing introduction
  • Getting clear on your WHY messages – Why this company? Why this role? Why you?
  • Developing a consistent framework and communication style
  • Connecting the dots of how you have the relevant knowledge, skills and experience for the role
  • Recording of the session to facilitate learning
    • Diving into specific behavioural and situational questions
    • Polishing your messages where you feel absolutely confident in responding
    • Ensuring there’s a clear, compelling and consistent theme of your unique value proposition
    • Ensuring your tone of voice, body language, and posture leave a positive impression
    • Refining your interview skills until you can get hired in your sleep!

Level up your interviews even further through the Impressive Interviews Course! (valued at $497)

The Impressive Interviews course is a great supplementary training resource to accelerate your learning in our interview coaching sessions. To help you be prepared and feel confident for your interviews, here is a module-by-module breakdown that gives you an overview of where you’ll be when you finish this course (4 hours of valuable content with videos, audios, presentation slides, interview questions and worksheets):

      • What a typical interview process is like
      • The different types of interviews and questions
      • Learn the top 10 qualities of an ideal candidate
      • Understand the interview assessment criteria
      • Discover what recruiters and employers look for in a candidate
      • Avoid the 4 C’s of unsuccessful interviews


      • Learn the R.E.Q.U.I.R.E.M.E.N.T.S formula – a framework that fully prepares you for what you need to know BEFORE the interview
      • Best sources for finding key information you need to know
      • Questions to ask to help you gain a holistic perspective of your targeted role, organization and industry
      • How you can leverage this information to deliver compelling interview answers


      • Learn about the I.M.P.R.E.S.S.I.V.E. formula – a framework that helps you make a lasting impression during the interview
      • How to demonstrate that you’re an amazing fit with the company, role, and department you want to join.
      • The 6Ps to master your glowing introduction
      • Methodology to create compelling and structured responses
      • How to communicate with clarity and confidence


      • What are the causes and effects of interview anxiety
      • Four strategies to overcome anxiety no matter what the situation
      • Easy ways to raise your confidence instantly
      • Effective body language tips to increase your message impact


      • How to determine when to negotiate
      • How to assess your negotiation power
      • How to prepare for a negotiation
      • How to ask for what you want


Pick a package that suits your timing and needs best

You can choose any one of the three packages that best suit your timing and needs. Each package includes:

  • 1-on-1 interview coaching time (45 minutes each session)
  • Access to the Impressive Interviews online course (4 hours long, valued at $497)
  • Unlimited email support for 45 days
  • Email summary of key lessons, recommendations and action items
  • A recording of our session (optional)

2 Sessions


3 Sessions


4 Sessions


Whichever package you choose, we will help you hone in your unique selling points that differentiates you as the ideal candidate. We’ll train you on how you can best convey your story, experience and messages that is targeted to the employer’s hiring need. We’ll provide you feedback on how well you are delivering your interviews and recommendations to improve your marketability.

Not sure which package is right for you? Contact us.

Email us at info@mymarketability.com or



These people were able to ace their interviews after only a few sessions in this program – and their success can be yours too!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Diana to anyone who needs help closing an important interview. Diana is extremely knowledgeable about interviewing and she gives expert advice on how to structure winning answers. I purchased Diana’s Impressive Interview course and it helped me to prepare my selling pitches that won me a 3rd round interview with a global director. To prepare for my 3rd round big interview, I hired Diana for a one-on-one session for guidance. Diana showed me ways to gain clarity and confidence. By using Diana’s approaches, I was able to successfully pitch my personal brand that eventually led to an offer.

Justin X.
Business Development at a Top Global Pharmaceuticals Company

Diana was instrumental to my career. She helped me during my articling interviews. I had 7 interviews in total. I understood that securing an interview meant that I had one foot in the door. For this reason, I booked 3 training sessions with Diana. She helped me realize and build a strong and consistent story to increase my marketability. I learned how to communicate to firms that 1) not only was I the best candidate for them, 2) that their firm was the place where I precisely want to be. Diana helped me realize and correct my mannerisms (for instance my tone of voice, body language, and eye contact). Moreover, her charts of ‘personal selling point sheet’ and chart of ‘being’ and ‘expressing’ were incredibly helpful. In the end, I was able to secure 4/6 offers (including my #1 choice)! Without a doubt, I will employ her services again. If you have interviews scheduled and you are dedicated and serious about securing your ideal position, I would recommend consulting Diana.

Julianna K.

Diana is a phenomenal Career Coach. First of all, she is very inspirational. She understands what I want to achieve and developed strategies to help me get there. Secondly, she is very experienced and understands the big picture. In my case, she even predicted some of the interview questions. Diana also went above and beyond – she leveraged her own network to help me prepare my interview. I gained essential interview skills that will benefit me in my whole career. A few months after my coaching session with Diana, I landed an amazing opportunity with BMO’s advanced analytics team for a Data Scientist role. I would recommend My Marketability’s services to anyone at any stage of their careers. – Yan G

Yan G.
Data Scientist at BMO

After trying to break into a new industry for several months with no luck as a new grad, I contacted Diana. After only three career coaching sessions with Diana, I successfully landed a role in my target industry. Diana’s approach to career coaching helped me strengthen my focus and self-awareness while also helping me build my confidence. I honestly could not ask for anything more! Diana is a great mentor and career coach who gave me the tools I needed to successfully transition and take control of my career. I found working with Diana invigorating, motivating and a tremendous learning experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Diana to anyone who is interested in developing their professional career or those looking to find their passion and dream job!

Sinead C.
Assistant Marketing Manager at Nestle

I proactively reached out to Diana during my Executive MBA because I wanted to transition smoothly from the role I held at a CPG organization. Together we worked on my interview skills and she taught me how to structure my answers so that I can convey my message with more clarity. After the coaching program, I was hired into an engaging and dynamic role that suits my personality perfectly!”

Jawwad K., EMBA
Sales Manager
The interview coaching sessions with Diana was a game-changer. She really gave me a structure of lessons to build upon and gain further insights into my motivations, goals and areas of growth. I was able to identify where I needed to improve quickly and understand the interview process on a whole other level. With Diana’s passion for getting to the heart of what will make you thrive will not only set you up for success for your present interviews, she will set you up for success throughout your career.
Kristin D.
Customer Success Manager

We’ve helped many job seekers secure the job offer by molding them to be interview-ready

We’ve done thousands of interviews as a recruiter and hiring manager for over 10 years. We have a solid understanding of what employers are looking for. We can help you gain immediate improvement in how you show up in interviews and change the employer’s perception, where you are the ideal candidate to hire!

When you work with us, we’re your biggest champions. We believe you have what it takes to succeed. We’ll empower you to own your greatness to shine as the ideal candidate. You’ll walk away feeling excited and that you can take on the world.

We’ve helped hundreds of people get offers in record time – MUCH faster than they would on their own. Most of the time, our clients get a job offer within just three coaching sessions.

Master your interviews now!

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