Career Change

Case 8

Sales and marketing professional with a dynamic background in digital and the sports industry lands a competitive role at a top technology company.

“Invest in yourself. Your career is worth it. Even though things like career coaching might seem expensive, the return on your investment will be immense.”  (Jennifer)

What is your career background?


I started my career in the glamorous world of sports sales and marketing. I joined the National Basketball Association’s Canadian office to assist with league sponsorship sales. After, I transitioned to Score Media’s sales team (later acquired by Rogers Sportsnet), where I managed the creation and amplification of integrated campaigns across multiple media platforms.

It was at this time that I realized a major knowledge gap in the sports industry and at traditional media vendors related to digital strategy and drawing insights through data. . So, I decided that I wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital ecosystem. To do this, I joined one of North America’s largest digital agencies and worked with top Canadian brands.

Why did you reach out to My Marketability?

In each of my past roles, my responsibilities grew beyond the initial job description. I reached out to Diana to work with her to create a resume that spoke to the unique value, skill-set and energy that I was able to bring to each of my employers and clients.

What steps did you take to differentiate yourself during your job search?

The first thing I did was reach out to Diana. I worked with her and her team to develop a resume and cover letter that effectively communicated my experience in the marketplace.

Soon after my content was finished, I was approached by a recruiter about an open Account Executive role at LinkedIn. I ended up going through a 1-2 month interview process with LinkedIn and the main strategy that I used was authenticity. For me, it was all about honesty. I didn’t go in with the fear that something I said would make them not want to hire me, because I knew that the process was a two-way street. If they didn’t like what I had to say, then maybe I just wasn’t the best fit for the company. When you’re not a good fit, you’re not going to be happy in the role you’re taking on, which means you’re not going to be motivated to succeed and thrive.

Another thing that I felt helped me stand out was that I was very clear on the value that I had to offer. I could clearly articulate my understanding of all digital channels and present my thoughts during a 30-60-90 day plan to a panel of sales professionals.

What was your success?

I was hired into the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions sales team as an Account Executive!

What advice do you have for other professionals in similar situations?

Two things: first, invest in yourself. Your career is worth it. For me, I knew it was important to get help to create my resume and cover letter. As strong as I am in business and presenting sales pitches, I’m not as good at articulating my value on a resume. Even though things like career coaching might seem expensive, the return on your investment will be immense.

Next, remember that it’s all about networking. Your network is your most valuable resource. Talk to the people you know, get their advice, and get them to introduce you to people who might know of opportunities available to you.