Career Change

Case 9

Marketing professional transitions into Business Development at one of the world’s top tech companies.

“Diana supported me right through to the negotiation phase. Through her extensive recruiting experience, she was able to help me evaluate the competitiveness of my offer based on the position and industry I was entering, as well areas within the offer to ask for clarification on – areas that I would not have even thought about.” (Helen)

What is your career background?

I was working in a Marketing Manager position at a top telecommunications company and I was actively looking for the right career transition. I knew I had the chance to land a bigger and better job opportunity, but I also knew I needed help in doing so.


Why did you reach out to My Marketability?

After an extensive search for career coaches, I chose to work with Diana because I intrinsically felt that she was a genuine person and she had her client’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, when speaking with a couple of Diana’s past clients, they told me that she brought her passion, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to their relationship.

She helped other people surface their strengths, hone in on their life aspirations and career goals, while being pragmatic as to how to get to the desired end result – attributes I had the privilege of experiencing firsthand throughout our relationship.


What steps did you take to differentiate yourself during your job search?

Diana brought with her an extensive toolkit of strategies to help me determine the next path in my career journey, and what types of opportunities I would then be opening myself up to following this transition. She took considerable time to help me draw out the unique combination of skill sets I had to offer employers and what types of roles and responsibilities would lend itself in highlighting my strengths, but also offer me an environment that would continue to productively challenge me.

Early in our relationship, I was very fortunate to have been approached by a company with an interview invitation, and I was truly impressed at how Diana was able to quickly pivot her coaching approach. Diana was instrumental in guiding me through a very extensive interview process, sharing with me her expertise at every single stage.

Diana was tremendously flexible and generous with her time. At each step of the interview process, she would coach me through the questions she thought I would be asked based on the background of the interviewer. Her ability to quickly narrow in on the types of questions I may be asked helped put my mind in the right frame for each interview.


What was your success?

I successfully transitioned from a Marketing Manager role to a Business Development Manager role at a huge company I’m sure you’ve all heard of – APPLE!