Limited Experience

Case 1

Recent MBA graduate lands new opportunity in consumer packaged goods despite having no experience in the industry.

“Working with Diana is an amazing investment to make for your career and life. From what I’ve learned during coaching, I almost feel as if I owe her more than I paid! She differentiates herself because she only takes on clients who she knows she can help, and when she does, she will never stop believing in you or your potential.” (Nita)

What was your situation prior to reaching out to Diana?

I started my education studying business at Western University. After that, I held anumber of internships before going back to get a certificate in Marketing Management from Sheridan Institute of Technology. I then spent three years in product marketing at Canon. I soon realized that where I wanted to be was the CPG industry, so I went back to achieve one of my long­term goals and get my MBA from Ivey Business School. I was facing challenges breaking into this new industry because I didn’t have CPG experience or some of the industry­specific requirements. I reached out to Diana after connecting through the Ivey alumni network and hired her as my coach to help me through this process.

What steps did you take to differentiate your job application?

Diana helped me create a game plan for my job search. I had been networking andhaving informational interviews before I met her, but she helped me strategize on who to talk to in order to see results. She has such an extensive network and she was able to connect me to a number of senior professionals who could help me gain insights and learn about opportunities. We also focused heavily on clarifying my message and story so that I could convey who I was and what I wanted in a compelling way. Through her help polishing my brand, I became better equipped to promote myself to other people. To help put everything together, we also worked on my confidence, which wasn’t that high after being on the job search for a month. She led me through a series of exercises that really changed my perspective and helped me feel better about my skills and the value I had to offer.She also did an amazing job of guiding me through tough conversations, including salary negotiations. Through her coaching, I negotiated a 40% pay increase from my previous position!

What was your success coming out of the coaching program?

I was hired into the top tier CPG firm that I work for today!

Do you have any advice for other professionals seeking to make a career / industry change?

Use your network! I can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to people and put a face to the resume you’re submitting. When you view networking as a way to add value to others, it becomes a much more enjoyable conversation.