Limited Experience

Case 4

Financial services marketer makes difficult industry change into consumer-packaged goods at a global market research company.

“Diana was able to tell me exactly what it was I was missing, and then she worked with me to fill the gaps in my job search strategy. She provided me with the insights I needed to nail down on what I wanted and why, which gave me confidence when I was networking and interviewing.” (Sinead)

What was your situation prior to entering the coaching program?

My background is primarily in financial services. After graduating with a Bachelors in Marketing and Marketing Management, I held a number of marketing roles in the financial space.

When I met with Diana, I had already given a lot of thought to transitioning into the consumer packaged goods industry. I knew what I wanted to do but it was very hard for me because I wasn’t able to translate my experience to convey that I had the skills I needed to succeed in the CPG context.

One of my key obstacles was my confidence. I wasn’t comfortable approaching people in the industry and wasn’t really clear on my marketing messages. I hadn’t yet learned how to tell my story compellingly to make my background sound relevant to the jobs I was applying for. Because I wasn’t able to clearly communicate why I wanted to make the transition, I wasn’t able to project myself convincingly and with confidence.

What steps did you take to differentiate your job application?

Before I met with Diana, I was doing a lot of informational interviews with my connections but I was never really getting out of my comfort zone and going to networking events where I knew no one. I went to one of Diana’s networking training events and that whole experience really opened my eyes to what networking can be.

Before, my experience was that networking was a competition. Diana made me realize that networking isn’t about what you can get out of it but what you can give back. This helped me understand that networking wasn’t actually as scary as I thought it was.

Once I learned this, I had the confidence I needed to go to networking events and meet as many people as I could. This was really the key to changing industries for me because it helped me communicate directly to people who could help me find new opportunities. The more I talked to people about what I wanted, the more confident I became articulating why I was right for the roles I was aiming for, which really helped in the interview stage.

What was your success coming out of your coaching sessions?

Through the networking that Diana helped me with, I was able to get an interview for the role I’m now in at a top global research corporation!

Do you have any advice for other professionals in similar positions?

Reach out to Diana! Although I think it is really important to get out there and network, the best part of my coaching experience was working with Diana to get clear on what I wanted and why. Once I knew this, we were able to work together to create marketing messages that made networking so much easier.

Don’t be scared to network, look at it as a simple conversation. At first, I viewed networking as being very competitive, but Diana helped me change my perspective by removing the intimidation factor from it. This helped me look at networking as just an interesting conversation with interesting people.