Limited Experience

Case 5

New graduate discovers her ideal career path and lands a role in talent management at a competitive retail brand.

“Diana is a great mentor. She’ll help you build your confidence and perfect your message. In order to be successful, the most important thing is you need to practice and apply what Diana teaches you.” (Nina)

Can you describe your background?

I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Commerce in 2014 at the Rotman School of Commerce. I did a specialization in Human Resources Management & Corporate Strategy. I’d completed a number of internships before graduating with a focus on marketing.

Why did you reach out to My Marketability?

It’s hard for new graduates to find decent jobs. I knew I needed to identify a job search strategy and define what kind of personal brand I had. My career centre at school provided me with general guidance but it wasn’t personalized. One of my friends at university referred me to Diana because he’d seen her speak and had learned a lot.

What did you learn during the coaching program?

Diana helped me when I was struggling to determine what I’m passionate about. I was going between marketing and human resources. Before meeting with her, I wasn’t sure how and where to leverage my strengths. Diana connected me to an expert so I reached out and learned more about what human resources is really like in my target companies.

The second thing was that Diana helped me build my confidence and sharpen my interview skills. Before, I was nervous about communication skills because English is my second language. Diana helped me adjust my body language and the way that I think so that I can come across as a better candidate.

What steps did you take to differentiate your job application?

Networking is the key. I was targeting big companies that receive a lot of applications everyday. To set myself apart, I went on LinkedIn, found job postings, and searched for the main recruiter on the post. I connected with them asking to learn about their background since talent acquisition was my goal. I customized the questions I would ask to each recruiter based on their background. This process wasn’t only about professional relationship building it also helped me to get a deeper understanding of the industry.

What was your success coming out of your coaching sessions?

I landed a role at Loblaws headquarters as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator!

Do you have any advice for other professionals?

It’s so important for new graduates to realize their strengths, weaknesses, and the direction that they have a strong interest in. Aim at one clear area and work on building your personal brand to help you make a great impression. I’d also encourage them to network. I went to a lot of information sessions and many of the recruiters I met said that very few students actually have the courage to reach out and talk to them in person. Many appreciate being messaged because they perceive you as being very proactive.