Limited Experience

Case 6

Recent graduate rebrands himself to discover the career path he deserved with confidence.

“Working with Diana was THE biggest mind blowing experience I have ever had. My coaching sessions definitely opened my mind and helped me gain clarity in who I am and what I wanted in my career. I learned how to brand myself, how to network, and present in a way that stays true to who I am. I am more confident in what I have to offer. I highly recommend My Marketability’s services. ” #ABSOLUTELY #WorthIt (Victor)

1) What was your situation prior to reaching out to My Marketability? What were your challenges or struggles?

When you’ve recently received your degree, the opportunities ahead seem both endless and elusive, making it incredibly challenging to identify and build a career path you love. Still, you’re feeling ambitious and confident, which are not at all bad things, but all those resumes you’ve been sending out are giving it to you straight: finding and landing a job is not that easy after all.

I was facing a situation which every recent graduate commonly faces: career search struggles and career discovery. I was not meeting the expectations I put out for myself. I wanted to land my ideal career role in marketing but found it really difficult to do so.

2) Why did you hire My Marketability? What were your desired results?

Breaking into the workforce takes focus, determination and, all too often, a great deal of help. I wanted to find guidance in my career search. I wanted someone to help me discover how I could land my dream job in marketing where I could manage brands and their marketing campaigns.

3) What was your experience working with your Coach? What did you like best?

Working with Diana and her associate was THE biggest mind blowing experience I have ever had. They touched on a few points which were a reminder of what I learned in the past, but they made me see it in a different light to a level which I would have never thought of or even discover on my own (even with the help of Google). Even though I was living in a different province, working with my coach still felt very interactive. Diana has definitely shown and given me more than my expected results.

4) How did coaching help you? What did you gain?

My coaching session opened my mind and helped me further discover more about myself in terms of who I was, what I wanted in my career, and what I deserved. I gained a great handful of insight during my coaching experience with Diana and Inthida (her associate) – from discovering about myself, branding myself, networking, and presenting myself in a way that stays true to who I really am. My proudest achievements through these coaching sessions are that I’ve become more confident and I now have what it takes to stand out from the crowd. After completing the coaching program, I successfully landed an Account Coordinator role at an advertising agency. I’m enjoying it and learning a lot.

5) Would you recommend My Marketability’s services?