Not Closing Interviews

Case 3

Corporate employee quits job of 15+ years to search for better pay and benefits lands multiple job offers.

“Before the session, I was barely getting noticed after my resume (they would go to LinkedIn and not call me).  After the session within 2 weeks I had to turn down 3 offers and accepted one.” (Adam)

What Adam was going through…

Working at the same company for 15+ years left Adam a little rusty in the job searching field. However, he was determined to find a new job where he would get the best pay and benefits, as well as match his career preference for industry knowledge or sales in technology.

During his job search, he had trouble being noticed enough to get called in for an interview. Potential employers would take a look at his resume and check out his LinkedIn profile, but they wouldn’t push forward with the interview phase.

What we did…

Since people weren’t calling him even after checking out his LinkedIn profile, I checked out his profile to find out what needs to be improved. We discovered that his profile picture was one of the factors that were driving people away.

Thus, we took a different photo of him that didn’t just look professional, but approachable as well. We didn’t stop at the photo too, we improved his entire LinkedIn profile and, most importantly, we polished his interview skills so he can continue performing his best when he does get called in for a job interview!

What Adam got out of it all…

One afternoon training session was all Adam needed to make a difference in his job search approach. He built his confidence, built a LinkedIn profile that was reeling in invites for job interviews, and was able to follow those invites up with an impressive job interview performance.

In two weeks after our training session, Adam was faced with a tough decision – which job offer was he really going to take? Eventually, he had to turn down 3 offers to accept the job he felt best resonated with his career goals!