Not Closing Interviews

Case 4

MBA graduate having trouble closing interviews overcomes her interview anxiety and lands a job in a few months.

“In order to overcome my nervousness during interviews, we worked a lot on how to express myself and how to show confidence in job interviews. We practiced many mock interviews that really increased my confidence and helped me feel much more natural.”  (Cathy)

What Cathy was going through…

Ever since graduating from an MBA program at the Rotman School of Management, Cathy was actively looking for a job in the commercial banking field. After going through a few interviews, though, she wasn’t getting any results she was contented with.

Once she signed up for coaching, we discovered it was her behaviour during interviews that was getting in the way of producing positive results. This was her biggest weakness, so we got to work on turning it around!

What we did…

Cathy needed to level up her performance during job interviews, so we practiced on her message delivery and how she can clearly express her messages and stories during an interview. We also paid particular focus on how she delivered her success stories and elevator pitch in order for her to hook her interviewer’s interest.

Through practice, Cathy developed more confidence in promoting herself as she was equipped with a more precise and solid structure for her interviews. In addition to that, we created a detailed networking plan and I helped her practice how to conduct effective informational interviews.

What Cathy got out of it all…

All the mock interviews we did helped Cathy become comfortable in her own skin, thus also helping her overcome her nervousness and anxiety. The interview coaching gave her the confidence boost she needed, which also helped her feel more natural, less stiff, and more marketable to interviewers.

In just a short while after our coaching, Cathy got called in for an interview and got hired as a credit analyst for a credit union bank!