Case 7

Communications professional was laid off after seven years rebrands herself and lands ideal role.

Diana is awesome, and her services are so important because they’re not taught in school. Most people don’t know how to go about succeeding in the job search process, and as a result a lot of students are graduating and finding that they can’t get jobs. Diana’s programs differentiate her from other coaches because with her, it’s not just about finding the job, it’s about finding yourself as well.” (Chivon)

What was your situation prior to entering the coaching program?

I had been laid off from my Project Management/Communications position at a top telecommunications company, and was looking for a new role.

The challenge that I faced was learning how to leverage my diverse background to find a career that would fit with my passions. I have always been very involved in writing and freelancing, the health and fitness industry, and volunteer work, so I wanted to see if I could leverage these interests while having more time to spend on my entrepreneurial ventures. My challenge was learning how to take all of these diverse components and marry them into a compelling personal brand.

What steps did you take to differentiate your job application?

The coaching program helped me learn what makes me marketable. Diana has a lot of great tools that helped me figure out what makes me unique and what I should be looking for in my next role. It was also my opportunity to hit the reset button on my career and investigate the opportunities that were available to me.

The key message that I took from her was that I didn’t have to settle, and that I can proactively define how I want my job search to look like instead of passively sending out resumes and hoping for the best.

These realizations led me to redo my resume to highlight both my strong project management background and my communication skills. I was able to rebrand myself as a Communications Consultant with a strong project management background, and this really helped me move forward in my career.

What was your success coming out of the coaching program?

After the program, I was able to rebrand myself and was hired into Rogers as a Communications Specialist. I still work there today! I also achieved a better balance between my entrepreneurial ventures, my writing, my life, and my day job.

What advice would you offer other young professionals?

1) For those who have been laid off, don’t be discouraged. Use the time that you have in the in-between phase as an opportunity to reconnect with what you really want to do. You may discover that your previous goal wasn’t something that you want to do anymore, and that’s great!

2) Know that it’s okay to be upset for a while, but there comes a time when you have to pick yourself up and start thinking about what contribution you want to leave in the world so that you can get back on track.

3) Don’t burn bridges, no matter what. Honour the fact that you did work for the company you were laid off from for however many years, and that you built relationships and made a difference. Most importantly: don’t speak ill of your past colleagues at your new role. Not only could you run into these people in the future, you’ll also come across as unprofessional.