Our greatest pride is the success of our clients, the relationships we’ve built and the impact we’ve made. Take a moment to find out what some of our happy clients have to say about working with My Marketability.

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Diana is a professional with a sound mind that has the ability to view the bigger picture and then develops the necessary steps to help you get there.
CHIKE, Senior Management Consultant
Diana’s not your typical recruiter or career coach. She really wants you to get a position that you’ll be successful at and happy in. She separates herself from the pack because of the soul-searching and self-discovery aspects of her program. She helps you figure out what you want, and then you can rebrand and position yourself with the help of her expertise as a recruiter. It’s a great mix of skills to have in a career and job search coach. After working with Diana, I successfully made a transition from entrepreneurship to technology sales.
DENNIS, National Account Manager at Trustwave

Having worked in the Professional Coaching industry for the past 10 years, I can vouch that Diana is the ‘real deal’. Diana helped me gain immediate clarity about where my competitive advantage is in the job market based on where I excel and what I love doing. In addition to our coaching sessions, she provided me with a wealth of resources to tap into the hidden job market and connect with key decision makers. As a result of our work, in just 6 weeks I had secured 2 job offers at top tier firms with superior offer packages than what I had been able to secure on my own. Working with Diana was truly the best decision I made during a critical point of career transition and I would highly endorse her for anyone seeking to take their career to the next level.

STEPHANIE PCC MBA, Master Facilitator at ExperiencePoint
Individual branding is a topic that is commonly overlooked. Diana does a great job of taking that “standardized” approach and giving you a much stronger, more personalized one allowing your passion to really come forward since you truly “own” it. Her incredibly high energy coupled with her passion demonstrates that she genuinely cares for and loves helping her clients.
MIKE, Analyst

I hired Diana and her team, including Inthida, to help me prepare for a tough presentation and panel interview. Before meeting with Diana, I had worked with the same company for over eight years. As a result, I had no formal interview experience in a new economy and an evolving job market. With Diana’s help, I learned how to: 1. Build personal self-confidence; 2. Present an interesting story about my background to interviewers; 3. Illustrate how I add value to an organization; and, 4. Answer both motivational and behavioural interview questions with ease.

While working with Inthida, I gained a strong understanding of presentation and communication skills. With Inthida’s extensive background as a hiring manager, she helped me develop clear examples of my professional work that related to difficult interview questions.

By going through Diana’s very detailed workshops and sessions, I learned how to present myself as a confident interviewee. Personally, I rediscovered my confidence and developed a sound understanding of my values and strengths. Professionally, I learned how to market my value to employers. In addition, interviews were no longer daunting because I could accurately relate my value.

Diana and her team are experts in interviews, and efficiently break down how to market yourself to employers. Diana and Inthida were thoughtful, patient, and full of energy.  I continue to recommend Diana’s program to friends and family, whether looking for a new job or interested in professional and personal growth.


When I first reached out to Diana, I was stuck in a major job rut and unsure of my next steps. I had tried traditional career counseling, but wanted someone who could think outside the box and help me uncover my true passion.

Through the use of thought-provoking questions, worksheets and an online strengths assessment test, Diana helped me clarify my vision for the future. This process confirmed my desire to start a business and also address the fears getting in my way.

Diana is an incredible business mentor, life coach and personal cheerleader. Her positive and enthusiastic nature is so refreshing and I always left our calls feeling ready to take on the world! It’s hard to believe how much I’ve accomplished over the past year. As an entrepreneur it’s easy to get caught up in a never-ending “to do” list, but Diana always reminds me to celebrate the small wins and progress along the way.  I am so grateful for Diana’s savvy business advice, networking tips and frequent words of encouragement. I highly recommend Diana to anyone looking to discover their passion and find a fulfilling career.

ORLY, Skincare Dietitian
Consider the job search process a full-time job with extra hours of overtime. Talk to as many people as possible, leverage your network, and consider the services of a professional career coach, like Diana. I hired Diana to help change my career. Diana helped me really understand my capabilities and value I could offer a future employer. What was also really valuable was understanding how others perceived me – something that was achieved by reading the book called Stand Out by Marcus Buckingham – which Diana recommended for me. Diana’s
coaching sessions also forced me to look inwards and do some serious self-reflection. The other piece was helping me polish up my resume, cover letters, my story and my message. I had 20 years of sales experience in the technology industry. After working with Diana, I successfully made a transition into the financial services industry and changed professions into procurement!
BERNIE MBA, Procurement Manager at TD Bank
I definitely made the right choice hiring Diana as my Career Coach. What I loved about her was the confidence that she exuded. I just thought that anyone who’s like this is someone I want to work with. In our lives, we run into a lot of naysayers who prevent us from embracing our confidence. It was so helpful to have her motivating me, helping me realize my value, and giving me practical strategies to make sure I got the job I deserved. At the end, I received an amazing job offer with over an 80% increase in salary! I highly recommend My Marketability’s career coaching services to others!
SHANNON, Executive Director at a Non-profit organization in the U.S
Diana has provided me with the purpose and direction I was seeking to gain in my professional career. She combines positive energy and enthusiasm with an action oriented plan that enabled me to uncover the best way to unlock my strengths and skills in my next career move. Not only is she results focused, she combines this drive with a tremendous amount of compassion and it is evident she cares deeply about your success. I am grateful I found such a strong and successful female leader to look up to. If you are considering changing careers or simply would like to explore your options to uncover your niche, Diana is a must!!
ELAINE, Sales & Marketing Professional
Talented, motivated and energetic come to mind when I think of Diana. She immerses herself in her work in limitless optimism and fearlessness that makes her stand well above the crowd. She cares deeply about the success of her clients and colleagues. Personally, Diana inspired me to lift the bar much higher and dream bigger than I ever dared to before. I wholeheartedly recommend Diana as an exceptional relationship builder, an intelligent talent-strategist, and an incredible person.
JENNIE, General Manager at AIMIA
I landed an amazing opportunity! I would say you would be so lucky to work with Diana and have her help you land your dream job!
NINA, Recruiter at Loblaw
Diana came highly recommended by a friend. As an international new grad, it was very difficult for me to enter into this competitive job market in Toronto. Diana and Nicole helped make my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn more professional and persuasive. More importantly, Diana helped me to ace the interview by building a strong story. As a resume, I landed my dream career as a Fund Accountant! I would definitely recommend new graduates to take her job search coaching program.
RYAN, Fund Accountant at CIBC Mellon

I had been job searching for about 8 months before I decided to work with Diana. In a very short time, she was able to show me a clear structure on what I needed to do to prepare me for my interviews and networking approach, resulting in my highly polished, highly prepared and highly confident presentation of myself. The networking tactics she shared allowed me to get further into the “hidden” job market, exposing myself to more opportunities than ever before. She also offered answers to the toughest of interview questions, allowing me to tactfully handle any situation. As a result, my first real interview turned out to be a great fit for me. I am very excited about my future and more specifically I really feel as though this will be the perfect company, the perfect job that suits me, with potential compensation that I could not have imagined when I started my job search.

RAQUEL, Finance Controller at one of Canada’s largest building services company
I hired Diana to achieve a more polished and professional approach to my job search. My work with her covered everything from crafting a resume and cover letter to creating an effective online profile and rehearsing interview pitches. As a recent Ph.D. in a technical field about to enter the workforce for the first time, my biggest challenge was getting a sense of what employers were looking for. Diana’s extensive experience with the hiring process was enormously helpful. With her help, I was able to navigate the entire job process assured that I would avoid costly blunders and oversights. Initial steps in coaching involved a careful exploration of my own goals, beliefs, strengths and achievements ultimately leading to creating a meaningful and authentic personal brand, something that I felt confident and credible in presenting to people. Working with Diana was a fantastic experience because it always felt like I had someone in my corner who could be counted on to provide guidance on questions of employer etiquette and expectation. Diana’s approach is comprehensive; at every step, she is there to give support and advice if it is needed. In the end, I was hired into my first choice position!
IRENA, PHD Bioinformatician
Within a few months, I landed an incredible job offer! My Marketability’s service is worth every penny and I recommend for any professional looking to get hired into a top company!
JENN, Sales professional at Linkedln
In January 2013, Diana invited me to a seminar she was giving and I attended. I didn’t know then that I had hit a small rut in my life. By all accounts except for mine, I was successful. Her energy inspired me to step outside of the profession my 18-year old self picked, and start living the life I wanted. Diana’s professional coaching helped me find my passions again, and every step of the way she offered her expertise and network to build my passions into businesses I love. I am so grateful and blessed to have her in my life. If you have the opportunity, I wholeheartedly recommend working with her. Since becoming her client, I have started my own chain of practices, including a biotechnology company, and have made it my mission to give back to my community in a positive way.
DR. CHRIS, Entrepreneur & Orthodontist

I heard about Diana from my MBA classmate at Ivey Business School, where I discovered my love for Marketing. It was very tough for me to make this functional career change given my highly technical background of R&D as I did not know how to relate my previous skills or where the best entry point into Marketing is. Coming from a culture where people tend to tone down their achievements, my biggest challenge was to promote myself in an assertive and confident way.

I hired Diana for three reasons: (1) her amazing career trajectory (2) her vast and extensive networks (3) being a recruiter who screened over 10,000+ resumes. She is gifted with a keen eye for talent. In our first coaching session, she helped me discover my unique essence. The self-discovery process was critical to me, so that I can be myself and comfortably market what I DO possess.

I love how Diana provided me the direction rather than prescribing the solution so that I could learn by myself. She referred me to the right people and guided me with tailored networking strategies. What I benefited most from this coaching relationship was to have my attitude and mindset transformed. With all the hard labour to build the foundation and a winner mentality, interviews are now more enjoyable for me to shine rather than a painful and daunting process.

The overall coaching experience with Diana was excellent! She is passionate, energetic, visionary and resourceful. I highly recommend her to anyone who is eager to learn how to market oneself in the most effective and impactful approach.

CLARENCE, MBA Marketing Specialist at Bell
I was SVP of Marketing for a major media & entertainment company for 26 years and haven’t had to look for a job or update my resume. Thank god for Diana! She helped me design my next chapter and identify my unique value. Diana has a unique ability to understand you right away. She cares about everyone and she makes it her mission to ensure you succeed. I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who’s been out of the job market for many years and needs guidance evaluating your next chapter.
FRANK, Marketing Executive & President at 3RDEye Marketing
I attribute a lot of my success to Diana’s career coaching and guidance. Diana is an extremely energetic, warm, and friendly person to work with.
JAMES, Management Consultant at Bain
Diana has been an amazing Career Coach. She is very personable and has a wealth of experience in recruiting and coaching. I had a blurred desired career vision and was at a state of frustration. Through Diana’s mentoring and guidance, I was able to cultivate a career vision that aligns with my interests while leveraging my strengths. Diana taught me very unique, cutting edge “magnify your marketability” strategies on how to unleash my talent and differentiate my personal brand to become more marketable. This included such brilliantly intricate techniques in resume building, social media branding, and networking. Her outstanding enthusiasm, patience, care, intelligence and motivational inspiration have earned my utmost respect. Diana’s guidance and referral led me to my dream job that was uniquely created for me because I was able to prove myself as a valuable asset to the company. I am a product of Diana YK Chan’s career coaching services and can honestly say that she took my professional career on positive overdrive.
ANTHONY, Recruiter at an international IT recruiting agency

I hired Diana while completing my MBA, to help me during a critical career transition in finding a dream job in another country. From the very first meeting, Diana was able to discover what my self imposed roadblocks were and she helped me to understand what I really wanted from a job and to develop the strategies to obtain it. In particular, her interview preparation sessions were extremely useful and her suggestions helped me to find my dream job within a few months.
In summary, it was a pleasure to work with Diana and I am thankful for her support. I recommend her without hesitation!

FABIO, Marketing & Digital Lead at TELUS
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Diana YK Chan. I have had an ongoing coaching relationship with Diana for 2+ years now and in that time she has help me to define my workplace brand and take my career to new heights. By doing an in depth review of my personal areas of expertise and interests, and mapping these strengths into a planned and tangible career path I have been able to executive a focus strategy to achieve my career aspirations. Working in technology I found her specific expertise in the industry invaluable (Diana has worked with leading organizations such as Google), and with an MBA from a top business school she understands the challenges faced by modern managers and executives. Diana always delivered honest and sincere advice, and through her coaching and analysis I was able to quickly focus on my goals and get results. For career direction and development, executive and leadership coaching, and discovering your personal strengths, Diana is an unparalleled resource and I continue to enthusiastically recommend my friends and colleagues to her.
TIM, Vice President of Marketing at Ideal Candidate

Diana is an inspiring leader who really can “magnify” your talent. Her coaching style is positive, detailed, and focused. In our sessions, she really listened to my career goals and provided me with the best resources during my job search. She was very accessible and hands on providing comprehensive training, informational interviews with industry experts, and mock interview prep so that I could improve my confidence, practice my elevator pitch and really just own my own greatness. Her CONNECT philosophy on networking really works and she really gave me insights into the art of adding value while networking. After coaching with her,  I landed a marketing management role at a tier 1 CPG company. I’ve had such a great experience with Diana that I look forward to giving back to her network and helping her clients out any way that I can!

NITA, Marketing Professional at a Global CPG Company
Diana was extremely helpful during my job search. I received a job offer within 2 months of being coached by her. She did an awesome job of stressing the importance of making personal connections with everyone during the interview process while always selling yourself. Diana always offered up valuable insights from her time working in recruiting for several influential companies, while providing effective tools and techniques to help me prepare for my interviews.
Most importantly, Diana is a great person who is determined to help her clients achieve their goals. I recommend her services to others.
ALEX, Product Manager

Diana was instrumental to my career. She helped me during my articling interviews. I had 7 interviews in total. I understood that securing an interview meant that I had one foot in the door. For this reason, I booked 3 interview coaching sessions with Diana. Diana helped me realize and build a strong and consistent story to increase my marketability. I learned how to communicate to firms that 1) not only was I the best candidate for them, 2) that their firm was the place where I precisely want to be. Diana helped me realize and correct my mannerisms (for instance my tone of voice, body language, and eye contact). Moreover, her charts of ‘personal selling point sheet’ and chart of ‘being’ and ‘expressing’ were incredibly helpful. In the end, I was able to secure 4/6 offers (including my #1 choice)! Without a doubt, I will employ her services when it is time for me to look for first-year associate positions. If you have interviews scheduled and you are dedicated and serious about securing your ideal position, I would recommend hiring My Marketability!


I hired Diana in 2011 and I can state that if you are a foreigner or newcomer to Canada, she is definitely a very good choice for you to hire. Diana has great energy and that transfers “auto-magically” to you during every conversation or coaching session. She empowers you to try new things and boosts your self confidence. She is great in helping you structure your message that sounds more compelling. I can truly say that her methods are effective, and I would
recommend her to anyone looking to become more marketable.
DANIEL,  Digital Marketing Professional

I had the opportunity to work with Diana at a time in my life when I was looking for a change, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was I wanted next in my career and in life. I realized I needed help getting clarity and that’s exactly what Diana helped me with through her life & career coaching sessions. Diana is an empowering and motivating coach, who possesses a fully stocked toolbox of coaching strategies, which she customizes to help her clients reach their individual goals. We spent a lot of time on self-reflection to get crystal clear on what my strengths, values, goals and passions were. Then, we put a plan of action together and Diana helped me hone the technical skills I needed to achieve my career goals successfully. What sets Diana apart is the breadth of real-world experience she’s accumulated, which allows her to provide high quality end-to-end coaching to her clients. Most importantly, Diana always made me feel she was on my team by encouraging me and pushing me to realize my greatness.

LOUISE, MBA, Consultant at Deloitte

I was getting calls for interviews but no offers. I realized something was missing in my interview delivery that stopped me from closing. I hired My Marketability as Diana came highly recommended as a skilled Interview Coach. Coaching with Diana helped me better understand where I was missing the mark in interviews, and helped me formulate better answers. Diana is authentic, passionate and encouraging. She gives practical advice and is very knowledgeable in helping you master your interviews.
Sandra, Project Manager

Diana’s genuine commitment to my success was very evident through her constant communication and follow-ups. While her vast knowledge and experience in ‘all-things-recruiting’ is clearly top notch, I think it’s her energy, enthusiasm and genuine concern for her clients’ success that are her real ‘USPs’ (unique selling points). Her warm personality made our conversations so easy. I successfully achieved my desired post-MBA career goal in making an industry and profession change as an Assistant Marketing Manager at a CPG company. Without hesitation, I would recommend My Marketability’s services to my network.

Denis, Assistant Marketing Manager
Working with Diana was THE biggest mind blowing experience I have ever had. My coaching sessions definitely opened my mind, and has helped me gain clarity in who I am and what I wanted in my career. I learned about how to brand yourself, network and present yourself, and lastly to always stay true to yourself. I am more confident in what I have to offer. I highly recommend My Marketability’s services. #ABSOLUTELY #WorthIt
Victor, Account Coordinator

Diana is a phenomenal Career Coach. First of all, she is very inspirational. She understood what I wanted to achieve and developed strategies to help me get there. Secondly, she is very experienced and understands the big picture. In my case, she even predicted some of the interview questions. Diana also went above and beyond – she leveraged her own network to help me prepare my interview. I gained essential interview skills that will benefit me in my whole career. A few months after my coaching session with Diana, I landed an amazing opportunity with BMO’s advanced analytics team for a Data Scientist role. I would recommend My Marketability’s services to anyone at any stage of their careers.

Yan, Data Scientist, BMO
Diana was very responsive via Email and gave me a lot of guidance and encouragement. She presented me with a game plan that focused more on working a few quality job opportunities and nailing them. I gained skills in networking, interviewing and tailoring my message and personal brand to my targeted audience. I only had to go to one interview to receive a job offer (which is incredibly mind-blowing because the odds weren’t exactly in my favor at the beginning.) I would recommend Diana’s services for anyone feeling stuck and not realizing their full potential.
Max, Marketing Specialist at Bell